Who blew up the Nordscream Popelines?

Well, one does have his or her sources …

But, honestly, anyone with a brain can solve this no-brainer.

For once – Russia has absolutely no interest do to so, as long as the taps and wells that fill those pipelines are on its territory.

Secondly – it would be considered a casus belly, an act of war (yeah, come down from your high hoarse, I know how to spell whore, I had Latin), if Russia blew up anything in NATO-controlled space, water, air or land.

Now, the Ukrainians would have a keen interest, no? No! For once, they already have the Western European NATO states in their pocket thanks to their US handlers, so, even if Russia wanted to resume deliveries, Germany and a few follower countries with a similar death wish would not buy the gas. So, no, Ukraine would not need to ask anyone permission to do it because they would suffer themselves.

In fact, the UA government had a fierce spat with its handlers over this. And thanks to Starlink, some private enterprises can listen in and enjoy …

Here is why: after Ukraine would ‘win’ that war, it would be, as Prof. Mearsheimer predicted back in 2014, be ‘wrecked’. The US fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. The weapons are sold under the Land and Lease Act and Britain knows how that works: they finished repaying the US for the weapons they received 1940-1945 back when? ‘Back’ in 2020. So, the Ukrainians, with the high cost of high tech weaponry, will pay back the United States’ HIMARS and all the rest well into the next century, if a comparison of the economies of the UK und Ukraine over the last century is any guide.

So, Ukraine needs a financially stable Germany, a EU worth joining and transferring money by the boatload and Germany’s industries are already dying – Ukraine needs those pipelines to open at the very earliest convenience if it is to receive aid comparable to the Marshal Plan after World War II.

Now, there are a few states that would risk such a daredevil suicide mission: the Baltic States, Sweden and Norway. However, they not only lack the wherewithals, it would cause them enormous damage if it became known, why, under a more right-wing German government (AfD, to be expected after Sweden and Italy turn-coated) this might be considered as a ‘casus belli’ even (ran out of whys, sorri).

So … although the explosions occured in, or almost in, Danish waters (Danish Bornholm has its own exclusion zone), and while Denmark has its legendary Jaegercorps, similar to, say, the British SAS or German KSK or US Green Berets resp. Delta Force, and as a sea-bordering nation they have frogmen, the locations are too deep (70 m, roughly > 200 feet, they say) and half a tonne of, say TNT or penta is not the same as installing a magnetic mine on a ship’s underbelly.

Would Denmark not monitor its sea scape and find out? Well, yes, but as with Jeffrey Epstein, sometimes the guards fall asleep and the cameras fail, and Denmark helped a world power before when it spied on German chance-llor Angela Merkel. Nothing to see here.

So … some people noticed there was not much traffic in the area on the sea at the time and some think, then the submarine operated.

No … the charges were put there long ago, I won’t spell out when exactly, but the President of the country which must not be named was briefed, and even remembered (!) long ago, to spill the beans in a press conference.

Then … after the charges were installed and switched to remote control, one could not risk endangering the vessels and human lives of any friendly nation, so one had to wait until the sea was least travelled. And just as this happened, the charges had to be detonated. They might have been set off earlier, but traffic was unfavourable and they could not wait any longer or they might have had to wait too long.

So … there you have it: no one installed no charges and did not set them off resulting in no gas.

Gas, really.

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Why Indians are Too Stupid to Build Toilets – were it not for the Media!

There has been a ghastly rape in some Indian village. Two girls got raped and later hanged by the perpetrators after “they left their toilet-less home during the night to relieve themselves”.

Toilets are not the problem in India …

If you believe most of the media, then Indians, despite them being one of the first cultured people are too stupid to build toilets close to (or in) their homes. Read more…

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The Swiss Central Bank Conundrum: Fighting Fire with Kerosene

2014-05-11 2 comments

When the Swiss Franc started appreciating against the Euro (or was it the Euro depreciating against the CHF?) the Swiss National Bank vowed to fight tooth and nail to keep the Swiss Franc at a 1.20 parity “at all cost”.

Time to wonder how such a “fight” is fought, whether it can be successful and what are the consequences.

The currency “stabilisation” choices a central bank has

A central bank is the master of its own currency, i.e. the currency it is meant to issue.

In today’s world of unbacked (“fiat”) currencies even the Swiss Central Bank has no real restriction as to how many units of its currency it can create. It can virtually create infinitesimal amounts of it. Read more…

The End Game or: How the Dupes were Duped or: The Euro Ten Years on

2011-12-10 1 comment

The Euro was probably the most hyped-in currency the world may have ever known.

That fact alone should have been reason for suspicion.

In this article we contrast some of the eulogies heaped on the Euro back in around 2001/2002 when it was introduced as a tangible currency with these past weeks’ near-obituaries.

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Neutrinos, Physics, Meteors and the Survival of Humankind

2011-11-18 2 comments

As you may have noticed, CrisisMaven recently dabbled in speculative thought about the role of a universe-wide encyclopedia cum news service.

The reason this came about was that recently at the Large Hadron Collider around Geneva/Switzerland and crossing under the French border a team of scientists reported they had reason to believe that neutrinos created during the LHC experiments and to be captured in the neutrino observatory in Gran Sasso/Italy actually arrived there “ahead of time”, i.e. at a faster pace than currently allowed by the theory of relativity.

When these news first broke CrisisMaven felt it was too early to comment as the findings were highly and hotly disputed, even from amongst the collaborators, however, it reminded him of ideas about the role neutrinos might have in a universe teeming with natural (and artificial) intelligence. Read more…

Archaeology, the Internet and Neutrinos

2011-11-15 1 comment

Or: Space and the Universe are a Palimpsest


Most recently Israeli archaeologists unearthed a crusader’s inscription believed to be around 800 years old and, which is why it makes headlines, written in Arabic.

For those who have followed archaelogical progress over several decades (and reconstructed it from the very beginnings of “modern” archaeology starting probably with people like Schliemann trying to find Troy etc.) it is quite obvious that not only have many things been unearthed in recent years that former generations would have never believed to have existed but it seems clear that what has so far been found is but a fraction of what there is to be found at some future point; and then some, because probably most of the stuff will never be found, go unrecognised or being inadvertently destroyed, e.g. while excavating for a new underground rail system etc. Read more…

Updated Statistical, Economic and Historical References

2011-08-16 4 comments

We have updated our References section and, for the first time, also published our References ordered by Subjects – probably the most comprehensive trove on Statistical, Economic, Monetary and Historical Data etc. … Read more…

Why Our Future Must Be Solar As Our Past Once Was

When you put a pot on the hot plate on your stove and switch on the heat – do you not expect the pot to get hot?
When you add energy on the earth’s surface to what the sun and geothermal influences already provide would you not expect the earth respectively the atmosphere to get warmer?
Then why do scientists not consider this as a source of global warming? Why do they concentrate on potential influences of some gases in the atmosphere while proposing to heat the earth to a much greater extent by adding heat through sources like nuclear fission or fusion which indubitably add to earth’s heat balance? Read more

Update: Greenpeace measures Caesium 40 miles from Fukushima … CRIIRAD warns France …

2011-04-11 6 comments

… and hence in areas not yet evacuated though they should obviously have been. Read more…

How to protect your garden patch or field against radioactive fall-out

Do you own a garden, a patch of land, a field where you plant, esp. for human food or animal feed? Then you should prepare against letting the radioactive fall-out from Japan into your soil, where it will remain and contaminate your plants and e.g. livestock for probably decades.

Here’s the advice I already gave to people back in 1986 after the Chernobyl incidentRead more…

Politicians of all countries, recollect yourselves!

Dear politicians, there’s no alternative to forever turning our backs on nuclear energy and fast. Sure, the nuclear industry will protest vigorously and will see profits dwindle but they will survive without much problem – as opposed to many Japanese. It is but a question of time until another country will be hit as well – we should have understood that much by now. The so-called residual risk is not just unlikely nor is it negligible. And if you don’t rise to this sad occasion and get behind your people (a majority of whom never fancied nuclear power), then you will not only risk the health and livelihood of countless human beings but also your own and, above all, your power. Read more…

Survival tips: Out of bottled water? Drinking water contaminated? Here is what to do …

Let’s assume you went to several stores and all of them are out of bottled water – what you can do to still lower the radiotoxicity from your drinking water by a simple trick that costs nothing.

Here is what you need to know and what you can do even if you can’t buy bottled water anymore to lower your or your child’s exposure to iodine radioactivity considerably.

Read more…

To our good and loyal subjects: After pondering deeply the general trends of the world and the actual conditions obtaining in Our Empire today …

2011-03-28 1 comment

… We have understood that to effect a settlement of the present situation We need to resort to an extraordinary measure.

We should have ordered Our Government long ago to communicate to the people of Japan and to the world that Our Empire should not embark on a scheme of using nuclear energy for base motives such as producing energy and putting our future and our people and other peaceful nations at risk. Read more…

How I brought down the Nuclear Industry in my Country – and how you can do it in yours …

The nineteen-seventies were the hey-day of nuclear power. Almost every country, big or small, super-power or developing country, thought they should build as many atomic reactors as possible. And then, all of a sudden, or so it seems, most of these ambitious projects came to a screeching halt. Was it the Three Mile Island accident that caused it? Were people more opposed to nuclear energy than before? Not really.

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Dangers, Properties, possible Uses and Methods of Purification of radioactively contaminated (drinking) Water (e.g. in Japan)

Most methods and tools being recommended here on the Internet such as purification by filtration will not lead to your desired result of decontaminating “radioactive water”.

Here is what you need to know and what you can do [updated March 31st 2011, see end] – e.g. even if you can’t buy bottled water anymore.

a) Radioactive contamination of drinking water in Japan at this point in time can come about in only two ways: Read more…

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