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CrisisMaven’s Blog News 2010-02-05: First 5000 Webpage Views!

Thanks to all avid readers: today, 2010-02-05 at around 15:20 GMT we went past our first 5,000 hits on our blog after only the first fortnight!

Also our overall ranking in the pertinent search engines etc. isn’t all that bad. We had planned (or rather: hoped) to get that far in the first 30 days, now it’s just half. So thank you all again, and if you find the posts interesting, why not spread the word! Esp. our unique (if I may say so) Economics & Statistical References List draws a growing number of visitors and we hope to make this the one-stop-shop for all your data needs in that domain. Check it out here, bookmark it or send the link to friends post it to college notice-boards etc.

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  1. 2010-02-06 at 15:47

    WELL DONE, dear CrisisMaven!!!

    I’d LOVE to know how you managed to achieve that! Can’t be only WordPress magic, must be the expertise of Graue Eminenz combined with mavenhood!…

    ENJOY and KEEP GOING to meet your aspirations!


    • 2010-02-06 at 16:05

      Well it is hard work, but everyone who knows exponential curves knows that the seed factor is most important 🙂 Makes it easier later …

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