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Politicians of all countries, recollect yourselves!

Dear politicians, there’s no alternative to forever turning our backs on nuclear energy and fast. Sure, the nuclear industry will protest vigorously and will see profits dwindle but they will survive without much problem – as opposed to many Japanese. It is but a question of time until another country will be hit as well – we should have understood that much by now. The so-called residual risk is not just unlikely nor is it negligible. And if you don’t rise to this sad occasion and get behind your people (a majority of whom never fancied nuclear power), then you will not only risk the health and livelihood of countless human beings but also your own and, above all, your power.

Risk is always defined by two dimensions:
– the probability that a certain event will happen
– and the consequences ensuing if it happens.

And when a nuclear accident is at stake, these consequences are the real problem, not the alleged minimal probability of it happening. These dire consequences are not only dramatic but incalculable.

A speedy phase-out of nuclear power will have many scream “Impossible” but these objections will, once again, be based on economic interest. I am convinced our economies are resilient enough to adapt quickly. Even if temporary black-outs should occur or some rationing prove necessary, anyone would understand and accept the consequences of this aspiration, even if electricity should become more expensive. We have only just caught a glimpse of how expensive nuclear energy really is. All this is just a question of how honestly and credibly you communicate your will to end atomic energy.

During the past weeks there was ample opportunity and enough data to get sufficiently informed about the risks and dangers of nuclear energy, especially in our “Yellow Forum“. We understand that a nuclear power station, even if switched off completely, will not immediately become non-hazardous but will have to still be cooled for many months. Nevertheless this should be done in a fast and safe way before another accident could interfere.

Please actively seek the advice of experts, though not those that until now advised you out of self-interest or ignorance. Should these experts be given a fair hearing and when no one can connive at the problem then this issue will resolve itself and neighbouring countries will follow suit as their citizens will not put up with their situation for long. Not the least because the Internet acts as a formidable catalyst here.

Please do not waste this unique opportunity for our planetary survival. When, if not now?


This is the translation of the German original “Politiker aller Länder, besinnt Euch!” – Please feel free to reproduce and distribute with attribution.

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