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Updated Statistical, Economic and Historical References

We have updated our References section and, for the first time, also published our References ordered by Subjects – probably the most comprehensive trove on Statistical, Economic, Monetary and Historical Data etc. …

References by Subject

References – General and Applied Statistics

References – Economic and Monetary History

References – Markets, Economics and Indicators

References – Resources on Demographics

References – Economic Data and Time Series

References – Libraries and Bibliographies

References – The Global Banking Industry

Data Visualisation References

References by Date Published

Statistical References 0001-0100

Statistical References 0101-0200

Statistical References 0201-0300

Statistical References 0301-0400

Statistical References 0401-0500

Statistical References 0501-0600

Statistical References 0601-0700

Statistical References 0701-0800

Statistical References 0801-0900

  1. Stevie b.
    2011-10-26 at 20:20

    well my memory’s failing me in my dotage, but didn’t you turn bullish a year or 2 ago?
    Fyi I joined the club last month, but it would be nice to have an update from you on where you’re at these days


    • 2011-11-05 at 18:31

      Hi Stevie, well that must have been a “doppelganger” on polyjuice (cf. Harry Potter) – I can’t recall having been bullish (except in expecting war soon – isn’t that good for business once the cannons roar?) in the last decade. I warned of the Euro back in 1998 in a privately circulated memo (that was “before the Internet” in its present form) and I have been warning of the breaking crisis back around in 2007 a about the same time and with similar arguments as Weiss Inc. did (and do). I was very critical of economic prospects ever since the LTCM near-catastrophy in the last millenium.

  2. steveo
    2011-10-08 at 05:40

    I have recently completed a transaction of buying a defensible property, complete with it’s own water source(tested good), sanitary system, utility electricity, with backup by batteries, PV, and generator, and 2 heating sources that are completely independent of any utility.

    Also close geographically to real friends of like mind who have the ability, knowledge, and gumption to take whatever action needed in a Madmax world.

    This I think comes barely in time, yet now it is mine.

  3. 2011-08-24 at 18:47

    Nice to see you back again! It has been awhile. I was visiting over at FloatingSheep dot org, and noticed a comment you had left there. Was very pleased to find a current post back here on your blog.

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