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Who blew up the Nordscream Popelines?

Well, one does have his or her sources …

But, honestly, anyone with a brain can solve this no-brainer.

For once – Russia has absolutely no interest do to so, as long as the taps and wells that fill those pipelines are on its territory.

Secondly – it would be considered a casus belly, an act of war (yeah, come down from your high hoarse, I know how to spell whore, I had Latin), if Russia blew up anything in NATO-controlled space, water, air or land.

Now, the Ukrainians would have a keen interest, no? No! For once, they already have the Western European NATO states in their pocket thanks to their US handlers, so, even if Russia wanted to resume deliveries, Germany and a few follower countries with a similar death wish would not buy the gas. So, no, Ukraine would not need to ask anyone permission to do it because they would suffer themselves.

In fact, the UA government had a fierce spat with its handlers over this. And thanks to Starlink, some private enterprises can listen in and enjoy …

Here is why: after Ukraine would ‘win’ that war, it would be, as Prof. Mearsheimer predicted back in 2014, be ‘wrecked’. The US fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. The weapons are sold under the Land and Lease Act and Britain knows how that works: they finished repaying the US for the weapons they received 1940-1945 back when? ‘Back’ in 2020. So, the Ukrainians, with the high cost of high tech weaponry, will pay back the United States’ HIMARS and all the rest well into the next century, if a comparison of the economies of the UK und Ukraine over the last century is any guide.

So, Ukraine needs a financially stable Germany, a EU worth joining and transferring money by the boatload and Germany’s industries are already dying – Ukraine needs those pipelines to open at the very earliest convenience if it is to receive aid comparable to the Marshal Plan after World War II.

Now, there are a few states that would risk such a daredevil suicide mission: the Baltic States, Sweden and Norway. However, they not only lack the wherewithals, it would cause them enormous damage if it became known, why, under a more right-wing German government (AfD, to be expected after Sweden and Italy turn-coated) this might be considered as a ‘casus belli’ even (ran out of whys, sorri).

So … although the explosions occured in, or almost in, Danish waters (Danish Bornholm has its own exclusion zone), and while Denmark has its legendary Jaegercorps, similar to, say, the British SAS or German KSK or US Green Berets resp. Delta Force, and as a sea-bordering nation they have frogmen, the locations are too deep (70 m, roughly > 200 feet, they say) and half a tonne of, say TNT or penta is not the same as installing a magnetic mine on a ship’s underbelly.

Would Denmark not monitor its sea scape and find out? Well, yes, but as with Jeffrey Epstein, sometimes the guards fall asleep and the cameras fail, and Denmark helped a world power before when it spied on German chance-llor Angela Merkel. Nothing to see here.

So … some people noticed there was not much traffic in the area on the sea at the time and some think, then the submarine operated.

No … the charges were put there long ago, I won’t spell out when exactly, but the President of the country which must not be named was briefed, and even remembered (!) long ago, to spill the beans in a press conference.

Then … after the charges were installed and switched to remote control, one could not risk endangering the vessels and human lives of any friendly nation, so one had to wait until the sea was least travelled. And just as this happened, the charges had to be detonated. They might have been set off earlier, but traffic was unfavourable and they could not wait any longer or they might have had to wait too long.

So … there you have it: no one installed no charges and did not set them off resulting in no gas.

Gas, really.

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