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CrisisMaven’s Blog is not Public Licence.

However, feel free to link to any of these pages or republish them unless expressly stated otherwise (this is a caveat, can’t imagine this to happen), provided you always and unmistakably state your source and publicly and well readably / discernibly acknowledge CrissMaven’s copyright. Thank you.

CrisisMaven respects all third-party copyright and assumes unless explicitly told otherwise (e.g. in a comment to a post that allegedly infringes the holder’s copyright) that by linking to or quoting from publicly accessible Internet sources in the usual extent that is generally agreed for quotations CrisisMaven has not in any way impaired or infringed third-party rights.

Legal Disclaimer: CrisisMaven as a rule cannot know the full contents of any website at the time of linking to it nor regarding changes esp. after that date. Therefore CrisisMaven accepts no legal or other responsibility for the content of pages linked to; this goes equally for comments published, esp. for links contained in these. CrisisMaven tries to determine the suitability and legalilty of any postings or sources this blog links to with all due diligence but this means no liability whatsoever whether express or implied.

Equally, this blog gives no investment advice, any subsequent actions by a reader based on conclusions he may draw from the opinions or scientific reasoning displayed here is the sole responsibility of said reader resp. investor.


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  1. 2010-04-06 at 16:05

    What an amazing resource! Thank you for both the education and making this available. Tremendous. – editor, Thailand Times

    • 2010-04-06 at 16:23

      Hi Alan, thanks for your kind encouraging words. Actually I’ve noticed increasing interest from media journalists in my two resources “Statistical Reference List” in general and esp. the “Data Visualisation References“. Which reminds me I need to publish the former in categorised form as well which I haven’t yet found the time for.

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