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Statistical References 0601-0700

(Last updated 2011-08-16)

Weblink Description Remarks Hat Tip
SocialExplorer: Interactive Census Data Tool – 2000 Census
pta7:Infographics & Data Visualization
computationaldesign sandbox computationaldesign sandbox: Projects
VisibleCertainty Spring 2008/9 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee SARUPChris Cornelius, Assistant Professor
50great examples of infographics FrancescoMugnai: Infographics category HatTip visible certainties
BenFry: All Streets Ben Fry- Data Visualisation Blog – GENETICS HatTip visible certainties
Art FromCode ArtFrom Code – Simulation HatTip visible certainties
Catalogtree,Rotterdam: Index Catalogtree,Rotterdam: Infographics HatTip visible certainties
CelestialMechanics – planetarium-based artwork visualizing the statistics,data, & protocols of manmade aerial technologies CelestialMechanics – Media Page – Video Clips HatTip visible certainties
CHART PORN -data visualizations you just gotta love CHARTPORN – Global Economy HatTip visible certainties
ClourLovers Color Tools, Apps & Software Hat Tip visible certainties
The Site of Leonardo Solaas The Site of Leonardo Solaas – Projects
Aaron Koblin Design|Media Arts, UCLA Flight Patterns visualizations: Air traffic as seen by the FAA Hat Tip visible certainties The Interaction Trick Download(Linux Version)
FlinkLabs: Beyond the Bar Chart FlinkLabs: Ebb and Flow of Melbourne Trains
climatedata: Data Visualization & Climate Reality
UK’s National Weather Service (Met Office) Met Office: Land surface climate station records Met Office: Climate change
Jer Thorp: Source Code & Tutorials Jer Thorp: Works Available
Big Brothers – Satellites Orbiting Earth New Infographic Visualizes the Space Debris Cloud Surrounding Earth
Michael Paukner: Michael Paukner: Flickr Fotostream
OnlineMBA: 50 Sites to Expand Your Horizons OnlineMBA: Film Industry by the Numbers
BUILD LLC – Blog (Architecture Build LLC – Special Projects Division
Somethink Fun Great Moments in Sports: Cassius Clay
Michael DEAL INFORMATION GRAPHICS Charting the Beatles: Exploration of Beatles Music through Infographics
The Daily What – Infosthetics The Daily What – Archive Commuting to Work
Instructional Designer IDT: Design Cultures Instructional Designer IDT: WEB RESOURCES Self-service Analytics& Reporting On-Demand Solutions: Improve Insight & Optimize Performance Across Your Business See, understand & share numbers Tour – Create Custom Charts
The Showreel Archive – Daily Inspiration The Showreel Archive – Archive
Bruce Robbins: Photography Matters Bruce Robbins: Photography Matters – PM Tutorials
digital urban: modelling, visualising & communicating urban environments digital urban: Tutorials
urbantick: Cycle Studies urbantick: Category “GPS tracks”
Geographie 2.0 on Google Data Visualisation Geographie 2.0 (French)
Jeff Thurston: A Spatially Related Blog 3D Processing & Visualization: Design by Standardization
GoogleMaps Mania: unofficial Google Maps blog tracking websites, mashups & tools being influenced by Google Maps. GoogleMaps Mania: Read This First!.
David Johnson’s Blog – Data Visualisation etc. David Johnson’s Blog – About/Curiosities
Andrew Trench: Daily Dispatch – Some Graphics Andrew Trench: South Africa Media Coverage Visualisation
Tulip Open Source Visualisation Software Tulip Graph Visualization Software
VIZWORLD – Graphics & Visualization Community VIZWORLD – Graphics & Visualization Community – Science
SignOff – Visualisations Several Visualisation Tools
Serena Prototype Composer Serena Prototype Downloads
Oracle AppsLab – think-tank to drive adoption of new web patterns & technologies Oracle AppsLab – Too Much Information Makes People Something Something
UDAV – Application for data visualization based on MathGL / design, visualization, products, photography, art, music / visualization resources (Japanese)
Economic Development & City Planning News – Craig Hullinger AICP Very Nice Work by InVISION STUDIOS
Beth Ruyle & Craig Hullinger planning & development Planning Maps created by Craig Hullinger & Delbert Skimerhorn
Peter Lee (partikelman): Information Visualization
WORDPRESS Tutorials: Wonderful World of Geo-Location Step-By-Step Tutorial Videos – How To Dominate WordPress
The NewSecurity Beat – scarcity problems Resource Conflicts
Max 3D Models …3D Max Models Max 3D Models The Best Resource website forMaya,3ds max, C4d, Lightwave3d, XSI, plugins, tutorials, textures, 3d models & much more!
Information Architecture: How to manage evolving information within corporations & on the internet Two paths to reducing complexity in your data model
AlternativeTo – tell the world what applications you like – lists of alternatives
well-formed.eigenfactor:Visualizing information flow in science well-formed.eigenfactor:overview of the whole citation network HatTip visible certainties
HIRAKAWANorimichi – HIRAKAWANorimichi – Index HatTip visible certainties
DubberlyDesign Office – Articles DubberlyDesign Office – Concept Maps HatTip visible certainties
RandyKRUM: Cool Infographics RandyKRUM: Cool Infographics Bookstore HatTip visible certainties
DataMining: Text Mining, Visualization & Social Media DataMining: Mapping The Blogosphere HatTip visible certainties
DataViz DataViz HatTip visible certainties
MoMA- Museum of Modern Art – Design & The Elastic mind Museumof Modern Art – MoMA Multimedia (audio, video, & interactives) HatTip visible certainties
DocuBurst:Visualizing Document Content using Language Structure DocuBurst:Research Statement HatTip visible certainties
dreamlines Dreamlines… non-linear, interactive visual experience. Word(s) definingthe subject of a dream … are looked up in the Web … input togenerate an ambiguous painting, … in a process analogous tomemory & free association. HatTip visible certainties
FelixHeinen – Branding, Print, Interactive, Illustration, Packaging,Advertising, Concept FelixHeinen – Interactive HatTip visible certainties
RobertHodgin – Flight404 RobertHodgin – Flight404 – Vimeo Video Page HatTip visible certainties
UnitedStates’ National Air Traffic Controllers Association FlightExplorer – United States HatTip visible certainties
AaronKoblin Design|Media Arts, UCLA FlightPatterns visualizations: Air traffic as seen by the FAA HatTip visible certainties
Susken-Rosenthal:Football Drawings SuskenRosenthal: Football Drawings HatTip visible certainties
GOODTransparencies Archive – Thumbnails GOODTransparencies Archive – Detail HatTip visible certainties
GraffitiArchaeology GraffitiArchaeology: Links- Graffiti Resources etc. HatTip visible certainties
iGraphicsexplained – A wide angled view of the visual world iGraphicsexplained – Data Visualisation & Quantitative Easing HatTip visible certainties
InfoDesign Patterns InfoDesign Patterns – Pattern Overview HatTip visible certainties
InformationDesign Watch LisaAgustin: Hiding Text in PowerPoint HatTip visible certainties
TheInformationVisualizationCommunity Platform TheInformationVisualizationCommunity Platform – Site Map HatTip visible certainties
Tim KLIMOWICZ- Graphic Designer Iraq War2003 – Interactive Graphic Battle Theaters HatTip visible certainties
ITO -online presentation, analysis & data management services tothe transport sector ITO- Gallery itoworld.comVimeo videos unified resource space for anyone interested in thevisualization of complex networks Visualizationfor Skeptics: UK Met Office data for more than 1,000 weatherstations HatTip visible certainties
JimBumgardner – KrazyDad: Data-Visualization Expert JimBumgardner – KrazyDad: Flash Bestiary HatTip visible certainties
Adobe®Kuler™ – web-hosted application for generating color themes Adobe®Kuler™ – General Discussion HatTip visible certainties
JakeGarn: The Lazy Rule of Thirds JakeGarn: Photography (Gallery) HatTip visible certainties
MoritzStefaner: Content Landscape MoritzStefaner: information aesthetics, interactive visualization
DiscoverMagazine: Map Welcome to the Blogosphere DiscoverData: Wasting Away on Standby Search for “Discover Data”
LatestendeavourBlog: Cloudworks Analysis LatestendeavourBlog: Cloudworks Analysis HatTip visible certainties
InstructionalDesigner IDT: Design Cultures InstructionalDesigner IDT: WEB RESOURCES
LiDARMapping Forum
PSFKGlobal Community – Many Visualisations PSFKWeb & Technology
UDAV- Application for data visualization based on MathGL UbuntuGeek- Search for Visual Applications,3D tech news: 3D programming & gamedev, OpenGL, Direct3D,PhysX, CUDA & OpenCL, news related to graphics industry Levels Debugging with a DDS Debug Texture Modeling
InstantShift:Tools, Icons, Showcases, Fonts, CSS, Tutorials InstantShift:50+ Free Resources for Charts & Graphs Solution Great overviews!
FancyStats:Finance Statistics Visualizations FancyStats:Relationships Visualizations Very nice visuals!
VALab- Visual Arts Lab VisualArts Lab – Research Notes
UKArchitectural Association – School of Architecture UKArchitectural Association/School of Architecture – Lecture Videos
VisualEditors Foundation: The classroom for visual journalism VisualEditors Foundation: Websites
TheVisual Studio Blog: “The official source of IDE, MSBuild &Extensibility information from the Visual Studio Platform Team” VisualStudio Editor Blog (old site)
VISUALSTUDIES (Universityof Houston)
Flowtown- “high quality web applications that have personality” Flowtown- How To
Intute:Visual Arts – free access to high quality resources on theInternet Intute:Communication & Media Studies
GoogleGadgets: Motion Chart Google:Working with Data Google:Gadget List Dictionary of Topics Visualisierungsteam Schroeder + Schmidt (German)
ScottCate: Visual Studio Tricks ScottCate: Technology Posts


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