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Statistical References 0701-0800

(Last updated 2011-08-16)

Weblink Description Remarks Hat Tip
World Bank – Data Visualizer WORLD BANK blog – data visualization
Google:Data visualizations for a changing world Google:World Development Indicators (subset)
iAInformation Architects (Japan): “iA built some of the biggestweb sites in Europe” iAInformation Architects (Japan): Web Trend Map
OpenZoom …promotes/supports the use of high-resolution images & ZoomableUser Interfaces (ZUIs) OpenZoom:iA WebTrendMap4”Web Trend Map community curates meaningful link trends bychoosing sources they trust” in China
Spezify SearchEngine: Visual Search Spezifysearch engine: “Visualisation”
Daytum: “COLLECT& EXPLORE YOUR DATATO REVEAL THE BIGGER PICTURE” Daytum:”collect & communicate the most important statistics inyour life”
HAKIA – 1 click for ten searches HAKIA – Blog
Histograms: Construction, Analysis & Understanding Associate Teacher Institute Toolkit, home to thousands of free scripts Firebug Firebug – Web Development Evolved
WOLFRAM Mathematica online integrator WOLFRAM Mathematica HISTORY OF INTEGRATION
Microsoft ASP.NET Data Access Tutorials Microsoft ASP.NETSecurity Tutorials
POWERSET -specialised Wikipedia search POWERSET- specialised Wikipedia search
pChart- a PHP class to build charts pChart- Add-ons like color schemes & third party scripts
EngineeringStatistics Handbook: Graphical Techniques: Alphabetic StarPlot
Wikipedia:Category:Statistical charts & diagrams
UnderstandingHistograms (In Photography) LuminousLandscape – Download Video Tutorials
HistogramBin-width Optimization HIDEAKISHIMAZAKI, Ph.D.
Interactivate:Histogram Interactivate:Interactivate is a set of free, online courseware for explorationin science & mathematics Very helpful!
ComputationalScience Education Reference Desk (CSERD) Modeling& Simulation Tools for Education Reform
Q&Awith Infographics Whiz David McCandless
CommunityIndicators – Enhancing the art & science of communityindicators & building a network of interested people
JCCI:Jacksonville Community Council Inc.- Indicators JCCI:Jacksonville Community Council Inc.- Community Snapshot
AI3:AdaptiveInformation, Adaptive Innovation, Adaptive Infrastructure AI3:Category Adaptive Information
KnightNews Challenge – “innovative ideas that develop platforms,tools & services to inform & transform community news,conversations & information distribution & visualization” KnightNews Challenge – Winners KnightNews Challenge – Applications
ZitgistDataViewer ZitgistzLinks client-side service
CodeBubblesRethinking the User Interface Paradigm of IntegratedDevelopment Environments
ManyEyes Visualizations ManyEyes Create a visualization in 3 easy steps
BRL: BrailleThrough Remote Learning BRL:Braille Through Remote Learning – Braille Transcribers Course
TheMathWorks- Matlab 3-D Visualization TheMathWorks- Matlab Data Analysis
GIS Lounge -Geographic Information Systems GISLounge – Geographic Information Systems – Link Directory
MATLAB- Google Books
VisualizationTools for Sustainability
TIBCOBusiness Intelligence (BI), Data visualization, Enterpriseanalytics, Decision Analysis TIBCOSpotfire Webstore
TheGrowing Complexity of the U.S. Federal Tax Code
WeFeel Fine: An exploration of human emotion, in six movements WeFeel Fine: Applet -curve fit & surface fit your 2D & 3D data online
KidsZone – Create A Graph KidsZone – Create A Graph Tutorial
50Great Examples of Data Visualization CameronChapman (Author)
JonathanHarris JonathanHarris Sputnik Observatory 2009
Sep Kamvar -consulting professor of Computational Mathematics at StanfordUniversity SepKamvar – “Through large scale blog analysis, Lovelinesilluminates the topography of the emotional landscape between loveand hate, as experienced by countless normal humans keepingpersonal online journals”
TikiWiki CMS/Groupware TikiWiki Project documentation
Doctype is the show for people who make websites Doctype Archives Great resource!
MoneyAndMarkets – Weiss Research, Inc. MoneyAndMarkets – Link List One of the best Forecast Records of all time!
feedly organizes your favorite sites into a fun, magazine-like start page feedly blog – Building Feedly
Yahoo Pipes – “Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web.” Yahoo Pipes Documentation
GeoNames geographical database covers all countries, contains over eight million placenames, available for free download GeoNames User Manual
yubnub – social command line for the Web Jon Aquino’s Mental Garden: YubNub: Rails Day 24 hour programming contest
Regular and Semi-Regular Tessellations in Paper
FastCompany:data visualization Clavilux2000 Turns Any Keyboard Performance Into an Infographic
MicrosoftSQL Server: Spatial Data SQLServer Developer Center – SQL Server Spatial
JonasFriedemann Heuer: Clavilux 2000 – Clavilux 2000An interactiveinstrument for generative music visualization done with vvvv
vvvv: a multipurpose toolkit for real time video synthesis vvvv: real time video synthesis – Documentation
jQueryVisualize Plugin: Accessible Charts & Graphs from TableElements using HTML 5 Canvas filamentgroup: UI and application design etc. HatTip
Highchartscharting library – easy way of adding interactive charts toyour web site or web application Highchartscharting library – How To Use HatTip
jQuerySparklines – small inline charts jQuerySparklines – Documentation HatTip
jqPlot – AVersatile and Expandable jQuery Plotting Plugin jqPlot- Usage Documentation HatTip
Hilario blogdedicated to Technology, Web Development and Design Rulesto design and to provide a compelling message for your landingpage – WebDesign Web Design Blog The creators of DocType
Highslide JSis an open source image, media and gallery viewer HighslideJS Highslide Editor – Create your Highslide gallery or HTML popupswithout coding
SecViz – SecurityVisualization Aday of IDS (Snort) event data Hat blog
AfterGlow- a collection of scripts to facilitate the process of generatinggraphs AfterGlow- Manual HatTip blog
GoogleWave – collaboration & data sharing tool Introducingthe Google Wave Extensions Gallery – see the maps function HatTip ReadWriteWeb
TwitterThoughts- Twitter Activity Worldmap (last 24 hrs)
GoogleChart Tools OtherGoogle Chart Tools
ReadWriteWeb:The Best Tools for Visualization -“America’s #1 online personal finance service” Visual Chart: The Best Cities for Working Mothers -Blogs
Widgenie: “aneasy way to build and share widgenies. Bring more value to yourblogs, social networks and web sites through easy spread of visualinformation” Widgenie:Tutorials – Application Overview HatTip ReadWriteWeb
Nicholas Felton- thinking about data, charts and our daily routines Felton- Example: 2005 Annual Report
Peter Witham- UiBuzz Visual Design UiBuzzTips & Tutorials
EBIInterfaces – A forum for discussing Usability, Aesthetics andVisualization EBIInterfaces – ‘Visualization’ Category
DiscoverMagazine:Galleries / Beautifully Detailed SupercomputerSimulations DiscoverMagazine:Physics & Maths Articles
BBC- SuperPower: Visualising the internet BBC:Country Profiles – guide to history, politics and economicbackground of countries and territories
CreativeDocs .NET, vector-based graphic design tool for rich text,… illustrations, schemas, plans, flow charts etc. CreativeDocs.NETTools and Properties
GpuCV:GPU-accelerated Computer Vision GpuCV:Documentation – Quick Start
Databaseof Virtual Art Databaseof Virtual Art – News
GraphicalLego Interface – Visual Programming GraphicalLego Interface – Falk Gaertner – Video Documentation
BibliOdyssey- The Visual Context of Music
Installation- Virtual Constructs in Real Space Installation- Virtual Constructs in Real Space – Introductory Video
IO2Technology – Heliodisplay. life-size people projections in mid-air IO2Technology – Heliodisplay. Specifications
NationalInstitute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan):Three Dimensional Images in the Air NationalInstitute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan):Homepage
ARTNATOMY- Anatomical Basis of Facial Expression Learning Tool ARTNATOMY- Anatomical Basis of Facial Expression Learning Tool -Application Magnificent, goof for Autistics!
TheKinematic Models for Design Digital Library (KMODDL) TheKinematic Models for Design Digital Library (KMODDL) – InteractiveSimulation
FXPalo Alto Laboratory, Inc. (FXPAL) multimedia research laboratory- Interactive Media FX PaloAlto Laboratory, Inc. (FXPAL) multimedia research laboratory -Multimedia Access and Visualization
MichaelBach: 86 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena MichaelBach: 39 Optische Täuschungen & Sehphänomene
Tess:origami tessellation software PaperMosaics: Origami tessellations
Regularand Semi-Regular Tessellations in Paper
SpidronSystem – a planar figure consisting of two alternating sequencesof isosceles triangles SpidronSystem – General Concept
ReactiveCube GrahamPlumb – Projects
Universities Worldwide Universities Worldwide – United States Listing Resources in International & Cross-cultural Management, Research Quality and Impact Publish or Perish – retrieves and analyzes academic citations
Google Scholar – broadly search for scholarly literature
Mixon/Upadhyayab: Blogometrics – ranking of economics bloggers Blogometrics:Table 1. Top economics bloggers by scholarly impact
Asian AIDS Law Database Asian AIDS Law Database Launches Online Hat Tip Chinese Law Prof Blog
Economics Network (UK): The Handbook for Economics Lecturers Economics Network (UK): Teaching Case Studies – Reflections on Teaching Very good teaching resources!
Instrument: Web design, Data Visualisation
Data Visualisation Developments Russia Anyone to translate?
Spam and Open Relay Blocking System (SORBS) Spam and Open Relay Blocking System (SORBS) – Usage


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