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Statistical References 0801-0900

(First published 2011-08-16)

Weblink Description Remarks Hat Tip
EveryBlock: hyperlocal site – Find news near you Blog: EveryBlock is a new way to find local news and public information
Wikipedia:External search engines WikipediaVision (beta). Anonymous edits to Wikipedia (almost) in real-time
AIR:Area’s Immediate Reading
BBC:White Spectrum – Emotion Visualisation
datavisualization project for Google Instrument:Web design, Data Visualisation
weaintplastic:Visualising Meteorological Data
Tecplotfor CFD, Numerical Visualization CompMechLabANSYS/LS-DYNA AVI-Gallery More than 150 animations
Visualizationof large tree structures
OFFF2008: Data Visualization Panel. Aaron Koblin, Manuel Lima, JoseLuis de Vicente and Santiago Ortiz DataVisualization panel at OFFF, Lisbon
uimodeling:User Interface Modeling Структурные схемы страниц (wireframes)
Milestonesin the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphics, &Data Visualization, illustrated chronology of innovations byMichael Friendly and Daniel J. Denis NEWSITE: Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography,Statistical Graphics, & Data Visualization, illustratedchronology of innovations by Michael Friendly and Daniel J. Denis A MUST see!
BookReview – Data Flow 2: Visualizing Information in Graphic Design
P.J.Onori: code, design & ideas projects Gestureicons, naturally named Gesturecons P.J.Onori’s videos
Quantcast:Everyone – Research millions of web properties based ondemographic, geographic or affinity criteria. AudienceMeasurement for a Real-Time World: Quantcast Goes Global withLocal Audience Insights
GapaNews: Presentations, Documents (GERMAN) GapaNews: Markus Gaertner
CREATESoftware – UCSB Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology(CREATE) JoAnnKuchera-Morin: Composer – Allosphere and its 3D immersive theatermaps complex data in time and space Dr.JoAnn Kuchera-Morin
AllosphereResearch Facility: “Visualizing, hearing and exploringcomplex multi-dimensional data” AllosphereResearch Facility: Facilities CREATESoftware
Demo:Stunning data visualization in the AlloSphere Mappingterrain in space and time: Exclusive interview with JoAnnKuchera-Morin of the AlloSphere
TED:Themes Numbers at Play
InformationVisualisation: The World of Music BiomedicalVisualisation
Wikipedia:”Information graphics or infographics are visualrepresentations of information, data or knowledge” Wikipedia:Scientific visualization
Wikipedia:”Data visualization is the study of the visual representationof data” Wikipedia:”Statistical graphics, … information graphics in the fieldof statistics used to visualize quantitative data”
Wikipedia:”Mathematical visualization, an aspect of geometry tounderstand and explore mathematical phenomena via visualization” Wikipedia:List of information graphics software
WilsonMiner: Accessible Data Visualization with Web Standards
Wikipedia:”Geovisualization, (Geographic Visualization) … set oftools and techniques for geospatial data analysis through the useof interactive visualization” Wikipedia:”Animated mapping … add a temporal component to a mapdisplaying change in some dimension”
Wikipedia:”Information visualization … the visual representation oflarge-scale collections of non-numerical information” Wikipedia:”Diagram … two-dimensional geometric symbolicrepresentation of information according to somevisualization technique”
Chaomei Chen’s Homepage – Information Visualization Resources Chaomei Chen’s Gallery – Information Visualization, Network Visualization, Bibliographic Networks, Co-citation Networks, Pathfinder Networks, Minimum Spanning Trees Hat Tip Partikelman
kenskingdom – A Reality Check on Global Warming GISS Falsifies Record at Mount Isa Good graphs!
Australian Government – Bureau of Metereology: Weather Station Data Australian Government – Bureau of Metereology: Climate Data Online
Split Testing – How to Split Test
ChaomeiChen’s Homepage – Information Visualization Resources ChaomeiChen’s Gallery – Information Visualization, NetworkVisualization, Bibliographic Networks, Co-citation Networks,Pathfinder Networks, Minimum Spanning Trees HatTip Partikelman
ParsonsJournal for Information Mapping (PJIM) ParsonsJournal for Information Mapping (PJIM) – Issues HatTip Partikelman
PalgraveMacmillan:”Information Visualization: central forum for all aspects ofinformation visualization and its applications” PalgraveMacmillan:Information Visualization – ARCHIVE BY ISSUE HatTip Chaomei Chen
Places &Spaces: Mapping Science Places& Spaces: Mapping Science – Browse Maps HatTip Chaomei Chen
Whatdo Filipinos think? Visualizing the Philippine election scene Part1
VisualizingNetworks in JavaScript – social network of all the Canadianfederal ministers
FutureCinema Lab (FCL), Faculty of Fine Arts, York University e-flux,international network reaching more than 50,000 visual artprofessionals on a daily basis
Tom Siegfried: Odds are, it’s wrong – Science fails to face the shortcomings of statistics
Bicycle Almanac: Safety, Fatalities, & Injuries – Cycling statistics
The US Misery Index A New Misery Index NYT: Countries in Misery Have Lots of Company
Systematic Relative Strength blog: The Flaw of Averages Wall Street Journal: When Combined Data Reveal the Flaw of Averages
Wall Street Journal: Interactive Graphics Very good collection!
The Economist: The growth illusion Systematic Relative Strength: YTD Country Stock Market Performance 2009
US States ranked by “religiousness” The 6 Most Frequently Quoted Bullsh*t Statistics Many Ways to List All American States Current US Economy and a Glimpse of the Federal Cost of Living Index – All the knowledge you need – World History – Timelines
The Fraser Institute (Canada): “independent non-partisan research and educational organization” The Fraser Institute (Canada): Research & Publications
Gallup: Polls, News, Research Gallup: Popular Topics
US Recovery loan – RECIPIENT AWARD SUMMARY US Recipient Reporting
FedThread is a new way of interacting with the Federal Register FedThread (Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University) – Search
US Open Government Initiative/Directive US Open Government –Featured Innovations
Bon appétit exhibition, Paris science museum: How to feed the world ? Hat Tip infosthetics
PLEIX NET – Films (Quicktime) Hat Tip infosthetics
MAFF- Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan):Ensuring the Future of Food Groovisionscreates funky ag ministry video HatTip infosthetics
JonathanJARVIS: The Crisis of Credit Visualized JonathanJarvis HatTip infosthetics
AREVA:nuclear energy technology movie AREVA:Unprecedented campaigns (Advertising) HatTip infosthetics
infographicalmusic video RÖYKSOPP(band) HatTip infosthetics
AngusFraser, Sydney’s visualisation Bookmarks AngusFraser, Sydney’s illusion Bookmarks HatTip infosthetics
Semiconductormake moving image works which reveal our physical world in flux infreemation:Awesome Magnetic Visualization mocoloco.comDesign HatTip infosthetics
explorestatistics through an experimental [tangible] interface ExperimentelleInterfaces WS 06 HatTip infosthetics
MITTangible Query Interfaces Token+ConstraintSystems for Tangible Interaction with Digital Information (PDF) HatTip infosthetics
BumpTop™is a fun, intuitive 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makesyou more productive Pushingthe Desktop Metaphorwith Physics, Piles and the Pen (PDF) HatTip infosthetics
Mentegrafica:A blog on Information Visualization, User Experience, Mobile andRIAs Mentegrafica:Physical infovis HatTip infosthetics
MintMap: Resource Consumption by Country MintMap: The World’s Resources by Country
Mint:A Visual Guide to the Federal Reserve
ClustrMaps!- Locate all site visitors ClustrMaps- Hit counter map widgets for web sites
WorldBank: “Africa Development Indicators (ADI): flagship reportof the World Bank’s Africa Region… most detailed collection ofdata on Africa WorldBank: DataVis – data Visualisation Africa (must register) HatTip kanan48
CultureNetworks 2010 TimSTOCK/scenariodna: Presentations
Panopticoninformation visualization software – “helps organizationsmake timely, insightful and informed business decisions based oncomplex, fast-changing datasets” Panopticon- Demo Gallery, e.g. Portfolio Risk, FX Rates Performance, EquityCorrelation etc. Mind-blowing visualisations!
Stat.Graphics & Data Visualization: “Statistical Graphics,Data Visualization, Data Analysis, User Interfaces and related” StatisticalGraphics and more: “Statistical Graphics, Data Visualization,Visual Analytics, Data Analysis, Data Mining, User Interfaces” New and old blog! Excel 2007: Formatting Data (Course Example) Resources
PyramidPerversion – Warning against “chart junk” perception – learn the fundamentals first
Antaeus – atool for data visualization Antaeusinstalls and runs on Windows 7, Vista, and XP- Download site HatTipBest Freeware Blog
AcrisDesign:42 Photoshop Tutorials Created in 2010 AcrisDesign:Resources List HatTipdim2w
InteractiveData Visualization by Ryan Goodman InteractiveData Visualization by Ryan Goodman – Links Training etc.
ORACLERich Enterprise Applications ORACLE::ADF Data Visualizations – Graph Interactivity HatTipSiebel Essentials
Vectortuts+- a blog of tutorials, articles, freebies and more on all thingsvector Vectortuts+- Articles HatTipSeth’s Sources
PeteSearch:How to split up the US (Facebook) PeteSearch:Animate your social graph with SoNIA HatTipWilliam F. Garrity
Facebookprofiles for countries, states and cities FacebookFan Page Analytics FromPeteSearch
ORACLE:Graph and Gauge Dynamic Resize Demo ORACLE:ADF FacesRich Client HatTipSiebel Essentials
BeyeNetWork- Naomi Robbins: Dot Plots: A Useful Alternative to Bar Charts BeyeNETWORKDomestic Sites


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