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Please note that pages dedicated to certain subjects or views on the reference sources may not be as complete as the “raw” lists containing references by date since the sorting and mapping process for these “themed” pages may take a while. The top of each page normally tells you though up to which date the sources have been included so that you only have to look up the more recent sources under the respective reference pages.


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References by Date Published

20100131 Visualisation Blog about Stats Blogstats creates a network for dissemination professionals mainly of statistical institutions Impressive! Must see!
20100131 Statistics Intute – Best Websites for Study & Reasearch Subjects include: Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Business & Management, Communication & media, Education & Research, Engineering, Geography & Environment, Humanities, Law, Mathematics & Computer Science, Medicine, Physical Sciences, Psychology, Social Sciences Good Starting Point!
20100131 Statistics Straight Statistics A ressure group whose aim is to detect & expose the distortion & misuse of statistical information Recommended!
20100131 Statistics European Commission > EUROSTAT Statistical Office of the European Union, Luxembourg. Statistics at European to enable comparisons between countries & regions
20100131 Statistics STAT-USA®/Internet™ Source for US federal business, trade, & economic information
20100131 Statistics Insee (Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques) France’s National Institute of Statistics & Economic Studies , a Directorate General of the Ministry of the Economy, Finance, & Employment (INSEE encourages the creation of hyperlinks towards the pages of its site)
20100131 Politics UK Department for Business, Innovation & Skills promoting innovation, enterprise & science
20100131 Indicators UK Business Barometer Online business survey benchmarking key issues for smaller (UK) businesses
20100131 Statistics Economic & Social Data Service (ESDS) UK UK data service; extensive range of key economic & social data, quantitative & qualitative
20100131 Statistics UK Labour Market Review (ELMR) Economic Trends & Labour Market Trends to build an up-to-date, comprehensive & unique statistical picture of the UK economy & labour market
20100131 Statistics Office for National Statistics (UK) Data from the Office for National Statistics, & some data from government departments & devolved administrations
20100131 Statistics Gateway to UK National Statistics Office for National Statistics & UK Statistics Authority Publication Hub
20100131 Science Curious Cat – Science & Engineering Blog Economic impact of science & engineering, Highlight interesting science & engineering information etc.
20100131 Statistics Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, & Social Science Columbia University blog on “how [not] to draw conclusions” from statistics
20100131 Information CLEANTECH Research Think Tank Hundreds of Links to all kinds of research Institutions, general as well as in the energy field, NGOs etc. Very Comprehensive!
20100131 Politics Adam Smith Institute Their webste: “UK’s leading innovator of free-market economic & social policies”
20100131 Statistics Dallas Fed Economic Data “The Dallas Fed produces a number of statistics that track the Southwest regional economy & the U.S. economy. In this section, you’ll also find financial data, Dallas Fed indexes & links to international data sources.”
20100131 Statistics International Monetary Fund (IMF) – Country Information IMF reports & publications arranged by country – “an organization of 186 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment & sustainable economic growth, & reduce poverty around the world.”
20100131 Markets Ludwig von Mises Institute – Markets & Data Current Prices, Monetary Trends, Interest Rates, Macrotrends, Federal Budget Concise Overview
20100131 Statistics US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Factbook “… provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, & transnational issues for 266 world entities.”
20100201 Data Current Municipal Finance Task Force (MFTF) – Resources by Topic Public-Private Partnerships, Debt Market Development, Capital Investment Planning, Financing Structures, Financial Management, Municipal Finance SOWs etc.
20100201 Statistics UNECE STATISTICAL DATABASE United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE): Country Overviews, Economic, Forestry, Gender & Transport Statistics
20100201 Statistics european football statistics European countries: Top 3 league & cup winners from 1970, Domnestic table of the last 25 years, European Club Ranking, Domnestic league & cup results & tables
20100201 Statistics European Central Bank (ECB) Statistics Eurosystem & the European System of Central Banks (ESCB)
20100201 Statistics Official Statistical Organizations UNECE Region National Statistical Organizations, International Statistical Organizations active in the region, Other statistical sources
20100201 Statistics EWEA – European Statistics European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) – European & Global Wind Energy Statistics
20100201 Statistics Wikipedia: European Union Statistics Overview Article on European Statistics
20100201 Documents European Union Documentation Centre Links to EU documents, from legal texts to historical records, latest EU-wide surveys & opinion polls etc.
20100201 Statistics Brewers of Europe – Statistics Yearly statistics, Country statistics When you get dizzy from the other data…
20100201 Statistics Internet Usage in Europe Internet User Statistics & Population for
53 European countries & regions
20100201 Statistics European RegionsAirline Association AIRPORT & AIRLINE Statistics, FLEET INFORMATION (ERA member airlines), HISTORIC DATA (Passenger Load Factor & Growth, Departure Punctuality, Market Characteristics)
20100201 Statistics European Sourcebook of Crime
and Criminal Justice Statistics
Compendium of crime & criminal justice data for the 36 Council of Europe member states
20100201 Statistics National Statistics Office, Malta Part of the European Statistical System (ESS)
20100201 Statistics European Statistics EBRA European Biomedical Research Association – “European Statistics: EU Directive 86/609 Member States shall collect statistical information about the use of animals in experiments
20100201 Statistics Towards Harmonised European Statistics on International Migration Groupe d’étude de démographie appliquée (GEDAP) Louvan/Leuwen University Belgium
20100201 Statistics United Nations Economic & Social Commission for Asia & the Pacific Asia-Pacific Region.Core indicators online database etc.
20100201 Politics Europa – Gateway to the European Union Basic information, Institutions & bodies, 27 member countries, History , Policy areas, Funding & grants, Tenders & contracts etc.
20100201 Statistics European Youth Information … Agency “Collecting & analysing data from member organisations, partners & stakeholders … ERYICA gathers data on youth information in Europe”
20100201 Statistics Code of Practice for European statistics Statistical Programme Committee (of the European Statistical System) … independence, integrity & accountability of the national & Community statistical authorities All Greek to me …
20100201 Statistics EU Public Health Statistics “comparable information on health & health systems in the EU”
20100201 Statistics UNECE Data Locator Demographic & Social Statistics, Economic Statistics, Environment & Multi-domain Statistics
20100201 Statistics UN-ESCWA Statistics UN Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA estd. 1973) “provides a framework for the formulation & harmonization of sectoral policies for member countries”
20100201 Statistics Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA/CEPAL) Statistics “CEPALSTAT is the gateway to all the statistical information of Latin America & the Caribbean countries collected, systematized & published by ECLAC”
20100201 Statistics UN Agency For Telecommunications (ITU) “most comprehensive range of statistics on Information & Communication Technology penetration, accessibility & use”
20100201 Statistics ECD – E-Commerce Statistics: Europe provider of the internet’s premier online selling guide – See also their Contents / Guide to Free Webpages
20100201 Statistics Nationmaster: People Statistics by state “StateMaster, a unique statistical database which allows you to research & compare a multitude of different data on US states”
20100201 Statistics Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR Statistical Online Population Database, UNHCR Statistical Yearbooks, Refugees, asylum seekers, IDPs, Standards & Indicators Report, Indicators for more than 100 refugee camps
20100201 Statistics European Software Patent Statistics “tabular listings & statistics of the patents on programming tasks for the universal computer which the European Patent Office has been granting against the letter & spirit of the written law for the last few years”
20100201 Statistics Statistics Denmark – Data Support “Welcome to your local European Statistical Data Support, … information specialists offer advice & guidance on all Eurostat products & services. ESDS Denmark is open to visitors & enquiries by e-mail, fax or telephone”
20100201 Statistics Wikipedia: OSCE in Europe statistics OSCE countries table with statistics & regional blocs
20100201 Statistics EBB – European Biodiesel Board Statistics Statistics: EU biodiesel industry, Production By Country, Production Capacity
20100201 Statistics European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) Statistics “represents the interests of the fifteen European car, truck & bus manufacturers at EU level”
New Vehicle Registrations by country, by manufacturer, Vehicle Production, Trends in new car characteristics, Vehicles in use, Trade, Taxation, Employment
20100201 Statistics Automotive Manufacturing Industry SIC codes “Auto Industry website … now maintained on a voluntary basis. The site offers a large archive of news, press releases & articles that are an invaluable research resource”
20100201 Statistics Eurovent Market Intelligence “European statistics & market research service providing to the manufacturers of air handling, air-conditioning & refrigeration equipment”
20100201 Statistics CEODHAS – Housing Statistics in the European Union THE EUROPEAN LIAISON COMMITTEE FOR SOCIAL HOUSING
20100201 Statistics Soccer: Statistics DMOZ Open Directory Project
20100201 Politics OSCE Handbook Organization for Security & Co-operation in
Europe (OSCE) Handbook – lots of hyperlinks etc.
20100201 Politics OSCE – The Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe See also: OSCE Resources Link List
20100201 Politics Wikipedia: List of intergovernmental organizations United Nations & agencies, Migration organizations, Maritime organizations, Arms control & nuclear power organizations, Financial & Trade organizations, Law enforcement, Regional organizations, Educational Organizations & Universities, Cultural, ethnic, linguistic, religious organizations
20100201 Politics Wikipedia: International Organisations in Europe Independent European states, & their memberships in selected organisations & treaties
20100201 Politics WEU – Western European Union
20100201 Politics Wikipedia: List of Military Alliances
20100201 Politics North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
20100201 Statistics UNSD Statistical Databases United Nations Statistics Division: “committed to the advancement of the global statistical system. We compile & disseminate global statistical information, develop standards & norms for statistical activities, & support countries’ efforts to strengthen their national statistical systems”
20100201 Statistics European Athletics Statistics “We have a responsibility to lead & inspire all stakeholders in order to help the maximum number of Europeans form a loyal relationship with athletics for life.”
20100201 Statistics Muslims in Europe: Country Guide BBC: “The exact number of Muslims is difficult to establish however, as census figures are often questioned & many countries choose not to compile such information anyway.”
20100201 Statistics Mount Holyoke College: Extent of Colonialism Great Britain Belgium Germany (1914) Concise 1-page
20100201 Statistics BSE in EuropeINCIDENCE OF BOVINE SPONGIFORM ENCEPHALOPATHY Mad cow disease – Rinderwahnsinn – Gekke koeienziekte -Ko-sjukan – Maladie de la vache folle – Kogalskab – Mucca pazza – Vacas Locas – Choroba szalonych krow – 牛海綿状脳症
20100201 Statistics Statistics on terrorism fatalities in Western Europe Terrorism fatalities in Western European countries 2001-2006
20100201 Statistics International & European Union Statistical Resources European Union Center at Illinois & the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library: General, Regional, Eurostat, Business & Economic, Development, Education, Environmental, Health, Labor, Population, Social Indicators, Trade & Commerce, Women
20100201 Statistics European cardiovascular disease statistics This is the third edition of the European cardiovascular disease statistics published by the European Heart Network (February 2008).
20100201 Statistics Internet World Stats “an International website that features up to date world Internet Usage, Population Statistics & Internet Market Research Data, for over 233 individual countries & world regions”
20100201 Statistics Euromonitor International -European Statistics Package “Euromonitor International is the world’s leading independent provider of business intelligence on industries, countries & consumers.”
20100201 Statistics Federal Statistical Office of Germany -EDS “The EDS European Data Service is a service point of the Federal Statistical Office of Germany which assists all users requiring official European statistics. Our service centre mainly provides statistics published by the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat).”
20100201 Statistics HSE – Health & Safety Statistics UK Health & Safety Executive: Statistics on work-related ill-health, injuries, dangerous occurrences, enforcement & gas safety
20100201 Statistics Council of Europe – Annual Penal Statistics SPACE I (Annual Penal Statistics of the Council Of Europe) – 2007 Enquiry, The statistics are available in PDF format
20100201 Statistics Cultural Statistics in Europe Compendium information system, collection of statistical data & graphs on: population trends, participation, cultural markets & trade, employment, public funding for culture
20100201 Statistics City Population EUROPE Statistics & Maps of the Major Cities, Agglomerations & Administrative Divisions for all Countries in Europe
20100201 Statistics Osteoporosis – Key facts & statistics for Europe “The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) is the largest global non-governmental organization dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis & treatment of osteoporosis”
20100201 Statistics Central & Eastern European Statistics Social Science Library, Oxford University Library Services
20100201 Statistics Principal Indicators – Portugal Instituto Nacional de Estatística, IP (INE), Portugal
20100201 Statistics European statistics Internet advertising perception & media consumption Internet advertising research gives statistics on perception & media consumption in Europe – France, Germany, Italy, Spain & UK
20100201 Statistics Golf Courses & Golfers in Europe British Golf Industry Association is a trade association based in Warwickshire & operating under the auspices of the Federation of Sports & Play Associations, Europe’s largest sports trade association
20100201 Statistics NationMaster, Central Data Source NationMaster, a vast data compilation from … CIA World Factbook, UN, OECD. Using the form, you can generate maps & graphs on all kinds of statistics with ease. Recommended!
20100201 Statistics Western Europe Statistics & Forecasts 2004-2013 ResearchAndMarkets: “World’s Largest Market Research Resource – We are a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for market research reports & industry newsletters from specialist research firms & niche market analysts”
20100201 Statistics World Bank – Data & Research Data & Research, Learning, Projects & Operations, Publications Huge!
20100201 Statistics Statistics (RBA) “RBA (Rhodes-Blakeman Associates) was set up in 1989 by Karen Blakeman to provide training & advice on the use of technology for accessing & managing information.” Worthwhile!
20100201 Statistics European Travel Commission – Statistics Information about tourism to & within Europe
20100201 Statistics Short Run – Various Series The Short Run Interactive Chartroom presents graphs from different sectors of the economy in an easy to use interface, allowing you to see 2-, 5-, & 10-year charts for each series …” Graphics!
20100202 Statistics European patents & patent applications – statistics “The European Patent Office (EPO) provides a uniform application procedure for individual inventors & companies seeking patent protection in up to 39 European countries. It is the executive arm of the European Patent Organisation.”
20100202 Statistics EU Policy Indicators & Statistics by theme Structural Indicators, Euro indicators/ PEEIs, Sustainable Development Indicators, Employment & Social Policy Indicators, General & regional statistics, Economy & finance, Population & social conditions, Industry, trade & services, Agriculture & fisheries, External trade, Transport, Environment & energy, Science & technology
20100202 Statistics European Organic Farming Statistics “The internet site was set up by Stiftung Ökologie & Landbau, Germany in 2000, with co-funding by the EU-Commission, Agriculture Directorate-General. Since 2002 the Site has been maintained by the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture – Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (FiBL).”
20100202 Statistics European, EU & Eurozone Statistics “European University Institute (EUI) was set up in 1972 by the six founding Member States of the European Communities to provide advanced academic training to doctoral researchers & to promote research at the highest level. It opened its doors to the first researchers in 1976. It carries out research in a European perspective in Economics, Law, History & Civilization, & the Political & Social Sciences.”
20100202 Statistics European Statistical System (ESS) UK “Office for National Statistics produces independent information to improve our understanding of the UK’s economy & society. … ESS is the partnership comprising Eurostat, National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) & other national statistical bodies responsible in each Member State (MS) for producing & disseminating European statistics.”
20100202 Statistics WHO Regional Office Europe – Statistics WHO Regional Directorate for Europe
20100202 Statistics World Health Organisation (WHO) Country Information Map from where to locate each country Good Navigation!
20100202 Statistics Slovak Republic – Statistical Office Demography, Social statistics, Macroeconomic Statistics, Foreign Trade (INTRASTAT), Business Statistics, Organizational Statistics, Statistics of Agriculture & Forestry, Statistics Relating to Many Areas, Election Statistics, Public opinion poll
20100202 Statistics Federal State Statistics Service Russia History Russia’s state statistics 1802-1996 plus External economic activities, Population, Labour, Living standarts of population, Education, Public health, Offences, Production & use of gross domestic product, Industry, Agriculture, Construction, Transport & communication, Trade & services rendered to population, Finances, Investments, Prices
20100202 Statistics Statistics Netherlands “Statistics Netherlands has launched a new version of StatLine (the output database of Statistics Netherlands). This new version includes the possibility to select regional data by means an interactive map & an improved search function.”
20100202 Statistics Estatuto del Instituto Nacional de Estadística Spain Entorno físico / medio ambiente, Demografía y población, Sociedad, Economía, Ciencia y tecnología, Agricultura, Industria, energía, construcción, Servicios
20100202 Statistics Statistics Sweden Statistical surveys, Statistical Database, historical statistics, documentation & information about methods etc. Search in the Statistical Database
20100202 Statistics Statistics ICELAND Geography & environment, Population, Wages, income & labour market, Enterprises & turnover, Fisheries & agriculture, Manufacturing & energy, Tourism, transport & information technology, Prices & consumption, External trade, National accounts & public finance, Health, social affairs & justice, Education, Media & culture, Elections, Iceland in Figures
20100202 Statistics UK Employment Information & Analysis, Income Areas of Expertise, Pay & Reward, Employment Law, HR Policy & Practice, Pensions Law & Practice, Diversity
20100202 Statistics Központi Statisztikai Hivatal (Hungary) Population, vital statistics, Society, General economic indicators, Economic sectors, Environment, Regional statistics, International statistics
20100202 Statistics Basque Statistics (Spain) Main indicators of the Basque Country, Population, Economy, Society, Territory & Environment, Information Society, Research & Development
20100202 Statistics UK trade info “Part of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) responsible for producing trade statistics. These statistics record the movement of visible goods between the UK & both EU & non-EU countries”
20100202 Statistics National Statistics Office (Malta) On-line Statistical Database, Main Indicators, Structural Indicators, National Accounts, Balance of Payments, Retail Price Index, Regional Statistics
20100202 Statistics Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency (NISRA) Agriculture Fishing & Forestry, Commerce Energy & Industry, Crime & Justice, Economy, Education & Training, Health & Care, Labour Market, Natural & Built Environment, Population & Migration, Social & Welfare, Transport Travel & Tourism etc.
20100202 Statistics Official Statistics -Republic of Belarus Agriculture, Construction, Environment, Foreign Trade, Gross Domestic Product, Industry, Labor, Living standards, Main socio-economic indicators, Population, Prices , Science & innovations, Small enterprises, Trade, Transport
20100202 Statistics National Statistics Service of Georgia GDP & Other Indicators of National Accounts, CPI (Inflation), Foreign Trade & FDI, Employment & Wages, Population, Standard of Living, Subsistence Minimum, Crimes, Healthcare & Social Protection, Education & Culture, Business Statistics, Business Register, Agriculture, Environment & Food Security, Industry & Construction, Service Statistics, Government Finance Statistics, Monetary Statistics
20100202 Statistics Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) Albania Social Indicators, Economic Indicators
20100202 Statistics Statistics Service Finland Finnish statistics Couldn’t find English version!
20100202 Statistics Central Statistical Bureau Latvia See also: Latest statistical data
20100202 Statistics Statistics Canada “Member of the Industry Portfolio, produces statistics that help Canadians better understand their country—its population, resources, economy, society & culture.”
20100202 Statistics Central Statistics Office (Ireland) Statistics Portal (People & Society, Labour Market & Earnings, Environment & Climate, Economy, Business Sectors)
20100202 Bibliography A bibliography of historical economics to 1980 By Deirdre N. McCloskey, Donald N. McCloskey, George K. Hersh, Chapter 12: “Price Indices, Inflation & The Money Supply”
20100202 Data Historical Historical Monetary Statistics of Sweden 1668-2008 Sections: Consumer Price Index 1290-2006, Wages from 1540 onwards, Exchange rates between various currency units in Sweden 1291-1834, Foreign exchange rates 1658 onwards, Money supply & closely related aggregates 1871 onwards, Stock exchange & interest rates 1856 onwards, Central government loans 1668 onwards
20100202 History, Monetary Brief History of North Carolina Money Neil Fulghum, Keeper, North Carolina Collection Gallery
20100202 History, Monetary historical money market interest rates Collection of Documents (
20100202 History, Monetary DocStoc > Money Supply Collection of Documents (
20100202 History, Monetary Tables of Historical U.S. Currency & Monetary Aggregates Data WORKING PAPER SERIES: Some Tables of Historical U.S. Currency & Monetary Aggregates Data, Richard G. Anderson, FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF ST. LOUIS
20100202 Bibliography EconPapers > access to RePEc “RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) the world’s largest collection of on-line Economics working papers, journal articles & software”
20100202 Bibliography RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) (2010-02-02) 315,000 working papers, 490,000 journal articles, 1,850 software components, 17,500 book & chapter listings, 22,500 author contact & publication listings, 11,500 institutional contact listings
20100202 History, Monetary The Argentine Currency Board & the Search for Macroeconomic Stability, 1880-1935 (PDF) Straining at the Anchor: The Argentine Currency Board & the Search for Macroeconomic Stability, 1880-1935, Gerardo della Paolera & Alan M. Taylor
Published in January 2001 by University of Chicago Press, © 2001 by the National Bureau of Economic Research
20100202 History, Monetary Money in historical perspective (Book) Money in historical perspective, By Anna Jacobson Schwartz
20100202 Data Historical United States Government Stuck on Stupid A retrospective analysis of the Great Depression & the political failures in the governing elites that broadened & deepened it, creating untold suffering for millions of innocent ordinary Americans
20100202 Statistics US Government Spending US Total Spending, US Federal Spending, State Spending, Local Spending
20100202 Statistics Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SORS) Demography & social statistics, Economy, Environment & natural resources, General
20100202 Statistics Department of Statistics Lithuania Department of Statistics to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (Statistics Lithuania), Statistics pre-defined tables), Statistics (databases), CENSUSES, INTRASTAT, Statistical Reporting
20100202 Statistics INDEX A – Z Statistics Office Austria Population, Labour Market, Health, Education, Culture, Social Statistics, Dwellings, Buildings, Agriculture & Forestry, Industries & Construction, Trade, Services, Enterprises, Foreign Trade, Tourism, Transport, Energy, Environment, Research & Development (R&D), Innovation, Information Society, Prices, Public Finance, Taxes, National Accounts, Regional, European Indicators
20100202 Statistics State Statistical Office Macedonia See: Statistical Databases
20100202 Statistics StateStatistics Committee of Ukraine Use Site Map as not all English works are properly defined (2010-02-02)
20100202 Statistics Central Statistical Office Poland Topics: Prices, Trade, Population, Labour, salaries, Industry, Construction, Fixed Assets, National Accounts, Environment, Energy, Living conditions
20100202 Statistics Statistics Belgium Surveys, ICT household, Nomenclatures, Geobel
20100202 Statistics National Statistical Institute of Luxembourg See SiteMap
20100202 Statistics US Fed. Reserve Bank St. Louis – Economic Data – FRED® “FRED® (Federal Reserve Economic Data) database of 20,359 U.S. economic time series. … download data in Microsoft Excel & text formats & view charts of data series. We plan to continually improve FRED®” Truly huge!
20100202 Statistics Shadow Government Statistics Analysis Behind & Beyond Government Economic Reporting – See also: Inflation Money Supply, GDP, Unemployment & the Dollar – Alternate Data Series Recommended!
20100202 Statistics Statistics Estonia (SE) See also: Statistical Database
20100202 Statistics Statistics Denmark Population & elections, Labour market, Earnings, Income, consumption & prices, General economic statistics, Agriculture, Manufacturing industries, Construction & housing, Service sector – Internal trade, tourism, Transport, Environment & energy, External trade, National accounts & balance of payments
20100202 Statistics Czech Statistical Office Basic Facts on CR, Census, Inflation rate, Intrastat, Macroeconomic Indicators, Population, Regions, Towns, Results of Elections
20100202 Statistics Swiss Confederation – Statistics Agriculture, Employment, Population, Social security, Sustainable development, Territory & environment, Transport & communications, Wages
20100202 Statistics Statistics Norway Statistics ordered by subject
20100202 Statistics Statistics Italy – Data Banks & Information Systems (2010-02-02) “The English version is currently not as complete as the Italian one. A new & more comprehensive translated edition is under construction.”
20100202 Statistics National Statistical Service of Greece (NSSG) Statistical Databases – “Please note that for anonymous users there is an upper limit of 500 records you can extract from the Statistical Database. This constraint is lifted for registered users.”
20100202 Statistics National Statistical Institute, Bulgaria Agriculture, Industry, Trade, Transport, Communications & Services, Investments, Construction, National accounts, Structural Business Statistics, Financial Statistics, Prices, Foreign Trade, Business Surveys, Information Society
20100202 Statistics USDA Economic Research Service “The Economic Research Service is a primary source of economic information & research in the U.S. Department of Agriculture”; Data on:
Animal Products, Countries & Regions, Crops, Diet, Health, & Safety, Farm Economy, Farm Practices & Management, Food & Nutrition Assistance, Food Sector, Natural Resources & Environment, Policy Topics, Research & Productivity, Rural Economy, Trade & International Markets
20100203 Statistics Explore Government Documents (USA) Search many hundres of thousands US government documents (modify search for other areas outside economics) Huge! Recommended!
20100203 Bibliography HighBeam Research – Publications “Ideal for students & professionals, HighBeam is the premier online research tool for business & academic use. Here, you can search more than 80 million articles from the archives of over 6,500 newspapers, magazines, journals, & other publications.
Named the “Best Online Reference Service” by the CODiE Awards”
6,500 periodicals!
20100203 Statistics Data on the Net Good intentions, but not yet quite up & running: “listing of 363 Internet sites of numeric Social Science statistical data, data catalogs, data libraries, social science gateways, addresses & more” Has Potential
20100203 History, Economic Google Directory Economic History Search according to your own criteria Recommended!
20100203 History, Economic NetSerf: History: Economic History Search ANY SCIENCE, huge database! Recommended!
20100203 History, Economic DMOZ Open Directory Project Economic History Explore hundreds of thousands of websites Huge! Recommended!
20100203 History, Economic National Bank of Greece – Historical Archives – Greek Economic History Greece being “the cradle of European civilisation” go there to find out about the roots of European economics
20100203 History, Economic WWW Virtual Library
Economic & Business History
Data Archives, also: Geographical, Journals, Associations & Societies, Research Institutions, Archives & Libraries, Museums, Reference Recommended!
20100203 History, Economic Emory University: Economic & Financial Data Resources “Electronic Data Center, the Data Freeway …” Recommended!
20100203 History, General Finding World History Sources THE WORLD HISTORY SURVEY COURSE ON THE WEB – George Mason University Huge! Recommended!
20100203 History, Economic The Albert Sloman Library – Economics: Websites & Portals Economics General, Organisations, Textbook websites, Online books, Great Britain, Latin America, United States, Banks & banking, Development economics, Economic & financial data, Economic history, Finance, Industrial economics, Public economics, Trade Huge! Recommended!
20100203 History, Economic Oxford Latin American Economic History Database (OxLAD) “statistical series for a wide range of economic & social indicators covering twenty countries in the region for the period 1900-2000”
20100204 Indicators Current Q1/2010 Kauffman Economic Outlook See also: Why So Gloomy? KEO, part 1 Bloggers Taken Serious
20100204 History Monetary Historical U.S.
Money Growth (PDF)
Historical U.S. Money Growth, Inflation, & Inflation Credibility, William G. Dewald, FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF ST. LOUIS, Review NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1998
20100204 Data Current Historical Data Series & Interesting Links Most of the files below were provided by Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED), but see e.g. Other Links of Interest
20100204 History Monetary Davies: History of Money “History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day, by Glyn Davies, Monetary history in context from the dawn of civilization to the beginning of the twenty first century, based on the definitive book on the subject.” Interesting Overview
20100204 Economics Money
Read full-text books & articles on:
Money Supply
“World’s Largest Online Library of Books: … 24/7 access … largest online collection, books/journals; humanities, social sciences, Search each word of all books & articles. … read cover to cover….” Paysite, Free Trial
20100204 History Economic The Econ Review “Economics News with a Historical Perspective … The Econ Review features a historical perspective on economics news & opinions with daily updates. All original material is copyrighted.” Good Starting Point!
20100204 Statistics Statistical Research FAQ Management Library Cornell University The Johnson School, Ithaca, NY, USA
20100204 Statistics Statistics about Nebraska Counties & Towns Where can I find Statistics about Nebraska Counties & Towns? – Websites Selected by Librarians – “NebraskAccess offers free 24/7 access to websites selected by librarians, full-text government publications & Nebraska historical resources”
20100204 Statistics Income & Poverty Statistics Nebraska Counties & Towns Where can I find Income & Poverty Statistics for Nebraska Counties & Towns? – Websites Selected by Librarians
20100204 Bibliography Catholic Reference & Educational Resources Also on Catholic Economic Thinking etc.
20100204 Statistics EconData.Net (Regional Data) “Your guide to regional economic activity.
1,000 links to socioeconomic data sources, by subject & provider, the Web’s premiere data collections, & our own list of the ten best sites for finding regional economic data”
20100204 Statistics EconData – 1000 Web Sources 1,000 links to socioeconomic data sources … subcategories under ‘Data Collections'”
20100204 Statistics NYU Stern Japan Data Center for Japan-U.S. Business & Economic Studies, New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business
20100204 Data ArgMax Economic News, Data & Analysis “This website contains economics news, data, & analysis, as well as various other economics related services. … Economic Policy Institute, a DC-based think tank.” Always worth a try!
20100204 Data Dismal Scientist Economic Data “Edited from London, Sydney, & West Chester” – Country Pages, Indicators, Tools: Exchange Rate Regime Indicator, Global Recession Map, Global Response Table, Taylor Rule Calculator, Tracking the Economy (U.S.), U.S. Crisis Response, U.S. Geography Profiles, U.S. Recovery Status, World GDP Rankings & more … Huge! Stunning! Recommended!
20100204 Data Economist Intelligence Unit – World Data “Timely data & forecasts on 150 countries – WorldData combines the economic & industry forecasts of the Economist Intelligence Unit with updates throughout the day from EcoWin. The result is a comprehensive global database of economic & market figures & forecasts on 150 countries & 45 regions, with more than 120,000 series”
20100204 Data Econovista – Interactive Economic Map “9 themed mapsdisplaying the region’s rich potential. Each … a different aspect : transport infrastructures, sectors of excellence, research centres, competitiveness clusters (e.g. life sciences, eco-businesses & aeronautics-defence-space)”
20100204 Statistics Georgia Council on EconomicEducation “A place for teaching tips, econ in the news, & GCEE program information.” – Good link list in blog roll!
20100204 Data Clarion University SBDC Knowledgebase “The Clarion University SBDC Knowledgebase, a blog about starting, managing, & expanding small business’s in general. … special emphasis on small business topics in Armstrong, Cameron, Clarion, Clearfield, Elk, Forest, Jefferson, McKean, Potter, & Venango counities in Pennsylvania” Contains many generallinks
20100204 Data U.S. Department of Labor History, Wirtz Labor Library, History of Labor Day, Century of Service, Department of Labor Web Archive
20100204 Data Financial FDF – Financial Data Finder Department of Finance, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University: Accounting, Banks, Equity, Fixed Income, Mergers, Risk Management, Derivatives, Personal Finances, International Finance, Consulting, Employment, Real Estate, Market & Economy, Exchanges, Commodities, Venture Capital, Investments, Financial Institutions Good search functiion!
20100204 Data Current Yahoo Finance Good general Portal incl. live market data on major stock exchanges, news, bonds, stocks, commodities & much more Always worth a look!
20100204 Indicators – Internet Competitiveness “What is Internet Competitiveness? The Internet Competitiveness Index is a comprehensive measure of the level of competition. Increases indicate more competitive pricing, while decreases indicate a lessening of competition.”
20100204 Statistics Comparative Center for International Comparisons of Production, Income & Prices
University of Pennsylvania
Repository of Benchmark Comparisons, Methods of Aggregation, Capital Stock, Hedonic Price Estimates, Relative Price Differences by Expenditure Aggregates, World Distribution of Income, Applications of PPPs to Historic GDP Estimates A bit controversial on epistemological grounds but not to be missed!
20100204 Indicators a2-aqa-economics: Indicators& Charts etc. The Economist: Indicators, Daily chart, Economics, Globalisation, Environment; BBC News, Business, UK Edition; Business: Economics, financial, market & economic news & analysis,; Economics RSS; – UK Economy news, Companies, Brussels, Competition, European Union, International economy; National Statistics Online Very good collection!
20100204 Indicators WorldBank International Comparison Program (ICP) “The ICP data collection was conducted in 100 economies, divided into five regions, & when combined with a Eurostat-OECD PPP program, brings the total to 146 economies. The principal outputs of the ICP are estimates of Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs) benchmarked to the year 2005. The new PPPs replace previous benchmark estimates, some dating back to the 1980s.”
20100204 Indicators ForexNews Charts & Indicators “ keeps readers abreast of the latest developments in FOREX throughout the 24-hour trading day, with a series of market previews & summaries. … Forexnews.coms charting of the major currency pairs & crosses is accompanied by key technical analysis. Real-time charts provide weekly, daily, hourly, & 5 minutes time frames.”
20100204 Indicators ForexFactoryCharts&b Indicators “… beta edition of Market! This page is powered by Forex Factory’s Market Data System (MDS), an advanced infrastructure built from the ground up to give traders transparent, independent, accurate market data.”
20100205 Visualisation Urbanistics “ is a semi-daily website concerning all good things urban … by Randy Plemel, … designer & a photojournalist living in New York City.” Good for creative ideas!
20100205 Visualisation – information visualization “EagerEyes is Robert Kosara’s place to reflect on the world of information visualization & visual communication of data.”’ Great! Lots of Material!
20100205 How-to How To Do Just About Everything How to Find Economic Data About Countries Good tips!
20100205 Data Economic T2W – Guide to Economic Data “This guide lists, in alphabetical order, the major economic & fundamental information presented by the various governments, agencies, & groups.” Good Overview!
20100205 Data Foreign Exchange DailyFX – Daily FOREX Market News & Analysis Forex Market News, Forecasts, Real Time News, Technical Analysis, Economic Calendar, Charts, Trading Signals
20100205 Data Markets Market Watch (Site Index) Economy & Politics, Federal Reserve, Industries, Cars, Energy, Health Care, Retail, Tech, Trading Strategies, , , Earnings Watch, Markets Data, , Investing, Stocks, Stock Screener, After Hours Trades, Upgrades / Downgrades, Earnings Calendar, Fund List, Fund Comparison, Prospectus Library, ETFs, Options, Expiration Calendar, Options Chain, Quotes, Bonds, Bonds Tools, Commodities, Gold price, Currencies, Exchange Rates, IPOs, Research Tools, Real Estate, Taxes, Small Business Comprehensive!
20100205 Data Markets Nasdaq Stock Market “The Nasdaq Stock Market, the largest US electronic stock market. … approximately 3,200 companies”
20100205 Data Markets IG Index – Spread Betting “IG Index was the world’s first financial spread betting company. Today, as part of the global IG Group, it is the leading operation of its type in the world.”
20100205 Data Markets IG Markets – Contracts for Difference (CFDs) “IG Markets is a leader in Contracts for Difference (CFDs)”
20100205 Banking Bank of Japan “Bank of Japan is the central bank of Japan.”
20100205 Banking US Federal Reserve “Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System – the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, provides the nation with a safe, flexible & stable monetary & financial system” Flexible indeed!
20100205 Indicators American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) “conducts independent, scientific, economic research to educate individuals, thereby advancing their personal interests & those of the Nation … founded in 1933 …” Interesting Material
20100205 Indicators American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) Cost Of Living Calculator Cost-of-Living Calculator – Source of data: Bureau of Labor Statistics
20100205 Science BizResearch – London Business School Library BizResearch – Business research news, tips, facts & sources from the Library research team at the London Business School Library
20100205 Science Bissantz & Company GmbH Bissantz & Company is a software enterprise specializing in solutions for demanding data analysis tasks in the field of management economics” Interesting Articles in Blog!
20100205 Bibliography eScholarship – University of California “eScholarship provides a suite of open access, scholarly publishing services & research tools that enable departments, research units, publishing programs, & individual scholars associated with the University of California to have direct control over the creation & dissemination of the full range of their scholarship.” Interesting Publications!
20100205 Data Shadow Economy & Corruption : Invisible Hands – links Mohammad Reza Farzanegan,
PhD Economics, Faculty of Business & Economics, Chair of Public Economics,TU Dresden, Germany.” Good link list right hand side of blog
Data on Development economicsetc.
20100205 Science Technoscan Technoscan – Advancing Technological Acuity – “We serve technology executives, investment professionals & policy-makers. We advance technological acuity. Dr. Rias J. van Wyk, Director, Technoscan Centre”
20100205 Economics Money Science & Money “I’m a scientist who likes to talk about personal finance . Personal finance isn’t just about numbers … Whether you have questions about mortgages or college financing or investing for retirement or solar energy,” Advice for Investing, General
20100205 Statistics Central Bank of Iran (CBI) “CBI is responsible for the design & implementation of the monetary & credit policies with due regard to the general economic policy of the country” – Economic Statistics, National Accounts of Iran, Reference Exchange Rates
20100205 Data General Economics Links Page – Chair of Economics TU Dresden Lehrstuhl für VWL, insbesondere Finanzwissenschaft: USEFUL RESOURCES, DATA, LIBRARIES, ECONOMICS DEPARTMENTS, RESEARCH INSTITUTES, ASSOCIATIONS, JOURNALS & WORKING PAPERS Very good meta list!
20100205 Data Corrution TI-Corruption Perceptions Index Transparency International: ‘Internet Center for Corruption Research … with TI-Corruption Perceptions Index, comparative assessment of countries’ integrity performance, with related academic research’ – Research Area
20100205 Data Analysis MK Motif Discovery Page Exact Discovery of Time Series Motifs; Abdullah Mueen Eamonn Keogh, Qiang Zhu, Sydney Cash, Brandon Westover, University of California – Riverside Discover “parallels” in time series
20100205 Data General Rhode Island Resources
20100205 Science Climate Climate Charts & Graphs “This blog & website combine my data analysis, total quality management & environmental interests & present R & Excel charts that show global environmental trends.”
20100205 Science Climate lobal Warming Data Analysis & Visualization ” Global Warming Data Analysis & Visualization
with R, Excel & Google Map Tools
Analysis, Chart & Map Tools to Better Understand Our Climate”
20100205 Science Mathematics Excel Resources Advanced Excel Charting Techniques, Trend Analysis With Excel, Data Visualization, How To Map Excel Data in Google Earth … & much more Really Helpful!
20100205 Science Mathematics PTS Blog – Excel Charting Utilities “About Peltier Tech: Peltier Technical Services can: Automate analysis & reporting to save you time, Improve quality & speed of data analysis & presentation, Integrate Excel with Word & PowerPoint, Develop spreadsheet & charting systems for dynamic & interactive graphic analysis”
20100205 Data Time Measurement Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) / Zulu Time / UTC: Timezone Information & more (“NOTE: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the same all year around”) Helpful!
20100205 Indicators Economic Data – FRED® St. Louis Fed: “FRED® (Federal Reserve Economic Data), a database of 20,359 U.S. economic time series. With FRED® you can download data in Microsoft Excel & text formats & view charts of data series.” THE one-stop shop for US monetary etc. data
20100206 Statistics Department of Statistics, Malaysia “The functions of the Department of Statistics Malaysia are to collect, interpret & disseminate statistics”
20100206 Statistics Census & Statistics Department (C&SD) Hongkong See also: Statistics by Subject
20100206 Statistics United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database See also: Commodities List
20100206 Data General Bernama Library & Informatiolink Malaysia Bernama News, Archival News, Foreign News, Info Providers, Who’s Who, Speeches, Sectoral Reports, Databank, Facts & Figures, Directory, Calendar of Events
20100206 Data General Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board “These pages provide key information about economic & financial data disseminated by member countries that subscribe to the IMF’s Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS)”
20100206 Data General globalEdge – Global Resources “A rich collection of thousands of international business resources selected based on content & usability. This section also includes our proprietary Market Potential Indicators & the Database of International Business Statistics. Each resource has been selected & reviewed by the globalEDGE™ Team. One convenient location – all global resources!” Huge
20100206 Statistics Singapore Department of Statistics Population & Land Area, Resident Population Profile, Demographic Indicators, Literacy & Education, Social Indicators, Households & Housing Employment, Economic Indicators
20100206 Science Climate The Global Warming Statistics Links & Information on Global Warming
20100206 Statistics International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS/AISO) Statistical Journal of the IAOS etc.
20100206 Statistics List of Statistics Offices Worldwide World Wide National Statistical Offices – dept. of Statistics Malyasia
20100206 Statistics Energy International Energy Agency (IEA) – Statistics & Balances Statistics by Country/Region, by Product, Publications/Surveys Free for Download etc.
20100206 Statistics Energy World Energy Outlook Electricity Database, Fact Sheets, Key Graphs etc.
20100206 Statistics Energy Oil Market Report Online Service “Each month, access to information on supply, demand, stocks, prices & refinery activity is available through the Oil Market Report online service.”
20100206 Data Current US Department of Commerce Sitemap: U.S. Dept. of Commerce … responsibilities in areas of trade, technology, entrepreneurship, economic development, environmental stewardship & statistical research & analysis.
20100206 Data Current Latest US Economic Indicators US Under Secretary for Economic Affairs
20100206 Date Education U.S. Dept.of Education – Research & Statistics ED’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is the main federal organization responsible for collecting & analyzing data related to education.
20100206 Data Patents United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) “Federal agency for granting U.S. patents & registering trademarks”
20100206 Data Telecommunication US National Telecommunications & Information Administration NTIA in U.S. Dept. of Commerce serves as the executive branch agency responsible for advising the President on telecommunications & information policies.
20100206 Data Technology US National Technical Information Service over 2.0 million bibliographic records, NTIS Database preeminent resource for research sponsored by the US & select foreign governments
20100206 Science NOAA – US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration U.S. Global [Climate] Change Research Program
20100206 Science US National Institute of Standards & Technology NIST, a non-regulatory federal agency within U.S. Department of Commerce
20100206 Economic Development US Economic Development Administration Economic Development Administration (EDA) under Public Works & Economic Development Act of 1965 to generate jobs, help retain existing jobs, stimulate industrial & commercial growth in distressed areas of the US
20100206 Economics Tradce US International Trade Administration (ITA) with Industry Trade Data & Analysis, Office of Trade & Industry Information
20100206 Economics Indicators US Economic Indicators GPO GPO Access = U.S. Government Printing Office provides free electronic access to important information products produced by the Federal Government
20100206 Statistics Housing US Housing & Urban Development HUD’s is to increase homeownership, support community development & increase access to affordable housing
20100206 Statistics UNSD Statistical Databases (Publications) – The UN Statistics Division is committed to the advancement of the global statistical system.
20100206 Statistics Demographics CIESIN US Demography (ftp CensusServer) CIESIN … a series of cascading hypertext links providing access to national data resources, on-line supporting documentation (codebooks, data dictionaries, citations) etc.
20100206 Data Trade Taiwan Trade Service Overview
20100206 Statistics
OFFSTATS – The University of Auckland Library
By Region, Region & Subject, Country, Country & Subject, Subject, Subject & Region, Subject & Country
20100206 Data Demographics Population Studies Center – University of Michigan (US) PSC Data & Information Services
20100206 Statistics Office of Economic & Statistical Research Queensland OESR Publications
20100206 Data Tourism World Tourism Organisation World Tourism Organisation – Facts & Figures
20100206 Data Trade World Trade Organization (WTO) WTO  International Trade & Tariff Data
20100206 Data Child Labour Understanding Children’s Work (UCW) UCW Search by Table Groups & Country
20100206 Data Asia-Pacific UN Statistical Institute for Asia & the Pacific UN ESCAP Site Map
20100206 Data Health World Health Organisation (WHO) WHO Data & statistics
20100206 Data Employment International Labour Organization (ILO) ILO  Departments & Offices
20100206 Statistics INTERNATIONAL STATISTICAL INSTITUTE ISI Multilingual Glossary of Statistical Terms
20100206 Statistics OECD Statistics Directorate – Statistics Portal Statistical information by the Statistics Directorate
20100206 Data Development UNDP United Nations Development Programme UNDP Newsroom
20100206 Data Agriculture UN Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) FAO Statistics
20100206 Data Demographics UN Population Information Network UN PIN Global & Regional Data
20100206 Data Japan Japanes Cabinet office Japan – BusinessStatistics
20100206 Data OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development OECD Publications & Documents
20100206 Data Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI) METI Japan Statistics
20100206 Data Japan Japan Institute for Labour Policy & Training Japan Institute for Labour Policy & Training – Statistics
20100206 Data Hongkong Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) Report Titles
20100206 Data World Bank of Thailand – Financial Markets Bank of Thailand – Monetary Policy
20100207 Data World Africa, Antarctica, Arctic, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Islands of the World
Middle East, North America, South America, World Atlas
20100207 Data World Graphs Google Domestic Trends track economic sectors search traffic Google Markets Very good graphs!
20100207 Data World Graphs Index Mundi – Internet’s most complete country profiles This site will be an improved version of the CIA World Factbook Hat tip
20100207 Data World Graphs Visual Economics – Infographics Unraveling the Complexities of Economic & Financial Data Hat tip
20100207 Data World Graphs BBC News:The downturn in facts & figures “THE NEW MODEL OF MORTGAGE LENDING “
20100207 Statistics Bank of England – Statistics Bank of England – Publications
20100207 Visualisation BBC News: Downturn facts & figures Graphs & Charts for: Credit crunch, UK Downturn, US sub-prime, Northern Rock Very ilustrative!
20100209 Visualisation Wolfram Demonstrations Project Wolfram Demonstrations Project … resource using dynamic computation to illuminate concepts in science, technology, mathematics, art, finance … Intrguing new approaches!
20100209 Visualisation EconGrapher Graph Library Econ Grapher – ARCHIVE
Charting the world of finance & economics
Huge collection!
20100209 Visualisation
20100210 Visualisation 2009 Federal Revenue & Spending Book of Charts HeritageFoundation – Domestic & Foregin Issues Even kids can understand
20100210 Visualisation SWIVEL – Public reports, charts, & data SWIVEL spreadsheet function Customisable
20100210 Visualisation Visualizing Economics – Gallery Visualizing Economics – SiteMap Lots of Material
20100210 Visualisation CATHERINE MULBRANDON interaction design & data visualization
20100210 Visualisation Visualization Blog Visualizing the economy & its effects
20100210 Visualisation infosthetics information aesthetics Information Aesthetics Weblog Archives
20100210 Visualisation StatCounter –  Visualizing Economics StatCounter – Demo Pages
20100210 Bibliography informaworld – specialist information for the academic professional & business communities informaworld – Abstract Databases
20100210 Visualisation Simple Complexity – Making … Sense From Complex Data Simple Complexity – Visualization Gallery
20100210 Visualisation form – function – visual epiphanies form – function – visual epiphanies – data visualization
20100210 Bibliography ACM Digital Library – Full text of every article incl. over 50 years of archives Guide to Computing Literature – major publishers in computing Portal
20100210 Visualisation Information Is Beautiful –
Ideas, issues, knowledge, data – visualized!

Information Is Beautiful –
Data Sources
20100210 Psychology World Database of Happiness World Database of Happiness – Bibliography Unusual
20100210 Databases Google Docs – Text & Tables Create documents, spreadsheets & presentations online
20100210 Data General Guardian (UK) – News > Datablog – Datasets A-Z Guardian – Data > World data search
20100210 Visualisation – Research findings in data visualization – Dashboard
20100210 Bibliography BiggerBooks online Bookshop – Business Books BiggerBooks online Bookshop – Science Books
20100210 Visualisation 28 Rich Data Visualization Tools O’Reilly – Inside RIA
20100210 Bibliography ForumsNiche – Free Downloads … Ebooks,Tutorials, Economics
20100210 Visualisation Google Earth Blog – news, features, satellite photos & applications Google Earth
20100210 Data Search PeteSearch – How to split up the US PeteSearch – Tips & tools for better searching
20100210 Visualisation 175+ Data & Information Visualization Examples & Resources Meryl K. Evans, Content Maven Great meta list!
20100210 Visualisation Dashboard Demos A Digital Dashboard is a visual Display linked to your existing Computer Software that organizes & presents information in a way that is easy to read.
20100210 Visualisation Visualmotive Blog – Thoughts on maps & visualization Visualmotive Portfolio – Projects by Chris Mueller
20100210 Data General Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Carnegie Publications Country-specific information
20100210 Visualisation Financial Infographics – Making Sense of This Financial Mess! Financial Infographics – Financial Videos
20100210 Visualisation FlowingData – Data Visualization FlowingData – Archives 9 Ways to Visualize Proportions
20100210 Visualisation Economic Sounds & Sights “This blog was created to gather information for an interactive timeline application to provide people with tools for analyzing the factors, history, people, events related to the economic crisis of the late 2000’s. The timeline application prototype is a work in progress.”
20100210 Visualisation bill | petti – data visualization Crowdsourcing Resources What is Crowdsourcing
20100210 Visualisation GraphPorn – visualized data at its best GraphPorn – Archives
20100210 Visualisation New York Times – All of Inflation’s Little Parts “Each month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics gathers 84,000 prices in about 200 categories — like gasoline, bananas, dresses & garbage collection — to form the Consumer Price Index, one measure of inflation”
20100210 Visualisation – graphics news display Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator
20100210 Visualisation EDWARD TUFTE – Visualisation Tufte: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
20100210 Visualisation SmartMoney – Investment Tools
20100210 Visualisation Infographics News
20100210 Visualisation Software for mindmapping &
information organisation
20100210 Visualisation Information & Visualization
20100210 Visualisation is a visual approch to the US election donation Pictures
20100210 Visualisation Working Smarter – Visual Strategic Planning
20100211 Visualisation Investigate Money in [US] State Politics
20100211 Visualisation prefuse visualization toolkit prefuse visualization gallery
20100211 Visualisation Idea Mapping Blog Idea Mapping (old blog)
20100211 Visualisation Diagrams: everything is connected to everything else
20100211 Visualisation Unswim
20100211 Visualisation The Brain Visualn Information Management Commercial Site
20100211 Visualisation Visual: factors of the climate change List of Indicators
20100211 Visualisation
20100211 Visualisation stamen blog
20100211 Visualisation AXIS – open source data visualization AXIS – visualization examples Downloadaxis
20100211 Visualisation Flot is a pure Javascript plotting library for jQuery jQuery is a fast & concise JavaScript Library
20100211 Visualisation OpenEarth OpenEarth tutorials
20100211 Visualisation Palantir Finance Palantir Finance Applications
20100211 Visualisation New York Times: All of Inflation’s Little Parts Box Office Receipts 1986 — 2008 Brilliant examples of interactive business graphics!
20100211 Visualisation InfoVis Theory
20100211 Visualisation DesigningTheNews – data visualisation Visualisations & infographics
20100211 Visualisation Faviki: Data visualization Faviki: Gross Domestic Product (category)
20100211 Visualisation BlogMarks: Economics BlogMarks: Data Visualisation
20100211 Visualisation Hans Rosling: Myths about the developing world Prof. Dr. Hans Rosling – A Fact Based World View BRILLIANT demonstrations – see Gapmider below!
20100211 Visualisation Gnolia: Fredrik Matheson’s Bookmarks Tagged visualization Gnolia
20100211 Visualisation RGE: Visualizing Industry Job Losses
20100211 Data World RGE Global Outlook
20100211 Visualisation Sketchflow: Understanding Reality One Sketch at a Time Seeing Finance: Finance, Credit Cards, Industry Reports, Tax Very good intuitive visualisations!
20100211 Visualisation Wolfram Research: FINANCE & ECONOMICS Mathematica: Financial Data Very Powerful
20100211 Bibliography CogPrints, electronic archive of Cognitive Science papers CogPrints: Browse by Subject
20100211 Glossary StateStreet: Securities & Finance Glossary StateStreet: Securities Lending Resources
20100211 Visualisation The Pew Center on the (US) States The Pew Center: Compare States Interactive, very good!
20100211 Visualisation Infographics Depot of Information Graphics – Visualizing Economics Infographics Depot of Information Graphics – Category Archives: Economics Infographics
20100211 Visualisation AI & Social Science: Two Middle East politics visualizations AI & Social Science – Brendan O’Connor
Cognition, systems, decisions, visualization, machine learning
20100211 Search Engine Discover: Economics Discover: Economy
20100211 Visualisation Animated Visualization of The Crisis of Credit Jonathan Jarvis: Great Video!
20100211 Visualisation signal fire: Archive for the ‘Data Visualization’ Category Provisions Learning Project is a social change learning resource
20100212 Visualisation 7 things you should know about Data Visualization César A Hidalgo: Thinking outside the cube Introductions to using visualisation
20100212 Visualisation Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view Gapminder: Downloads See Rosling above as well!
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