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Data Visualisation References

Please note that pages dedicated to certain subjects or views on the reference sources may not be as complete as the “raw” lists containing references by date since the sorting and mapping process for these “themed” pages may take a while. The top of each page normally tells you though up to which date the sources have been included so that you only have to look up the more recent sources under the respective reference pages.

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Weblink Description Remarks Hat Tip
Urbanistics is a semi-daily website concerning all good things urban … by Randy Plemel, … designer & a photojournalist living in New York City. Good for creative ideas! – information visualization EagerEyes is Robert Kosara’s place to reflect on the world of information visualization & visual communication of data. Good Overview!
GlobalWarming Data Analysis & Visualization Global Warming Data Analysis & VisualizationwithR, Excel & Google Map ToolsAnalysis, Chart & Map Toolsto Better Understand Our Climate
GoogleDomestic Trends track economic sectors search traffic GoogleMarkets Very good graphs!
IndexMundi – Internet’s most complete country profiles Thissite will be an improved version of the CIA World Factbook Hattip
VisualEconomics – Infographics Unravelingthe Complexities of Economic & Financial Data Hattip
BBCNews:The downturn in facts & figures THE NEW MODEL OF MORTGAGE LENDING
Wolfram Demonstrations Project Wolfram Demonstrations Project … resource using dynamic computation to illuminate concepts in science, technology, mathematics, art, finance … Intrguing new approaches!
EconGrapher Graph Library Econ Grapher – ARCHIVECharting the world of finance & economics Huge collection!
WolframDemonstrations Project: Money & Finance WolframDemonstrations Project … resource using dynamic computation toilluminate concepts in science, technology, mathematics, art,finance … Intriguing new approaches!
EconGrapherGraph Library EconGrapher – ARCHIVECharting the world of finance & economics Hugecollection!
2009 Federal Revenue & Spending Book of Charts HeritageFoundation – Domestic & Foregin Issues Even kids can understand
SWIVEL – Public reports, charts, & data SWIVEL spreadsheet function Customisable
Visualizing Economics – Gallery Visualizing Economics – SiteMap Lots of Material
CATHERINE MULBRANDON interaction design & data visualization
Visualization Blog Visualizing the economy & its effects
infosthetics information aesthetics Information Aesthetics Weblog Archives
StatCounter – Visualizing Economics StatCounter – Demo Pages
Simple Complexity – Making … Sense From Complex Data Simple Complexity – Visualization Gallery
form – function – visual epiphanies form – function – visual epiphanies – data visualization
Information Is Beautiful -Ideas, issues, knowledge, data – visualized! Information Is Beautiful -Data Sources – Research findings in data visualization – Dashboard
28 Rich Data Visualization Tools O’Reilly – Inside RIA
Google Earth Blog – news, features, satellite photos & applications Google Earth
175+ Data & Information Visualization Examples & Resources Meryl K. Evans, Content Maven Great meta list!
Dashboard Demos A Digital Dashboard is a visual Display linked to your existing Computer Software that organizes & presents information in a way that is easy to read.
Visualmotive Blog – Thoughts on maps & visualization Visualmotive Portfolio – Projects by Chris Mueller
Financial Infographics – Making Sense of This Financial Mess! Financial Infographics – Financial Videos
FlowingData – Data Visualization FlowingData – Archives 9 Ways to Visualize Proportions
Economic Sounds & Sights This blog was created to gather information for an interactive timeline application to provide people with tools for analyzing the factors, history, people, events related to the economic crisis of the late 2000’s. The timeline application prototype is a work in progress.
bill | petti – data visualization Crowdsourcing Resources What is Crowdsourcing
GraphPorn – visualized data at its best GraphPorn – Archives
New York Times – All of Inflation’s Little Parts Each month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics gathers 84,000 prices in about 200 categories – like gasoline, bananas, dresses & garbage collection – to form the Consumer Price Index, one measure of inflation – graphics news display Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator
EDWARD TUFTE – Visualisation Tufte: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
SmartMoney – Investment Tools
Infographics News
Software for mindmapping &information organisation
Information & Visualization is a visual approch to the US election donation Pictures
Working Smarter – Visual Strategic Planning
2009Federal Revenue & Spending Book of Charts HeritageFoundation- Domestic & Foregin Issues Even kids can understand
SWIVEL- Public reports, charts, & data SWIVELspreadsheet function Customisable
VisualizingEconomics – Gallery VisualizingEconomics – SiteMap Lots of Material
CATHERINEMULBRANDON interaction design & data visualization
VisualizationBlog Visualizingthe economy & its effects
infostheticsinformation aesthetics InformationAesthetics Weblog Archives
StatCounter- Visualizing Economics StatCounter- Demo Pages
SimpleComplexity – Making … Sense From Complex Data SimpleComplexity – Visualization Gallery
form- function – visual epiphanies form- function – visual epiphanies – data visualization Research findings in data visualization Dashboard
28Rich Data Visualization Tools O’Reilly- Inside RIA
GoogleEarth Blog – news, features, satellite photos & applications GoogleEarth
175+Data & Information Visualization Examples & Resources MerylK. Evans, Content Maven Great meta list!
DashboardDemos ADigital Dashboard is a visual Display linked to your existingComputer Software that organizes & presents information in away that is easy to read.
VisualmotiveBlog – Thoughts on maps & visualization VisualmotivePortfolio – Projects by Chris Mueller
FinancialInfographics – Making Sense of This Financial Mess! FinancialInfographics – Financial Videos
FlowingData- Data Visualization FlowingData- Archives 9Ways to Visualize Proportions
EconomicSounds & Sights This blog was created to gather information for aninteractive timeline application to provide people with tools foranalyzing the factors, history, people, events related to theeconomic crisis of the late 2000’s. The timeline applicationprototype is a work in progress.
bill| petti – data visualization CrowdsourcingResources Whatis Crowdsourcing
GraphPorn- visualized data at its best GraphPorn- Archives
NewYork Times – All of Inflation’s Little Parts Each month, the Bureau of Labour Statistics gathers84,000 prices in about 200 categories – like gasoline,bananas, dresses & garbage collection – to form theConsumer Price Index, one measure of inflation graphics news display Newsmapis an application that visually reflects the constantly changinglandscape of the Google News news aggregator
EDWARDTUFTE – Visualisation Tufte:The Visual Display of Quantitative Information EDWARDTUFTE – Visualisation Bulletin Board
SmartMoney- Investment Tools
InfographicsNews Infografistas(Infographics Spanish)
Softwarefor mindmapping &information organisation
Information& Visualization
weshowthemoney.comis a visual approch to the US election donation weshowthemoney.comPictures
WorkingSmarter – Visual Strategic Planning
Investigate Money in [US] State Politics
prefuse visualization toolkit prefuse visualization gallery
Idea Mapping Blog Idea Mapping (old blog)
Diagrams: everything is connected to everything else
The Brain Visualn Information Management Commercial Site
Visual: factors of the climate change List of Indicators stamen blog
AXIS – open source data visualization AXIS – visualization examples Downloadaxis
Flot is a pure Javascript plotting library for jQuery jQuery is a fast & concise JavaScript Library
OpenEarth OpenEarth tutorials
Palantir Finance Palantir Finance Applications
InfoVis Theory
DesigningTheNews – data visualisation Visualisations & infographics
Faviki: Data visualization Faviki: Gross Domestic Product (category)
BlogMarks: Economics BlogMarks: Data Visualisation
Hans Rosling: Myths about the developing world Prof. Dr. Hans Rosling – A Fact Based World View BRILLIANT demonstrations – see Gapmider below!
Gnolia: Fredrik Matheson’s Bookmarks Tagged visualization Gnolia
RGE: Visualizing Industry Job Losses
Sketchflow: Understanding Reality One Sketch at a Time Seeing Finance: Finance, Credit Cards, Industry Reports, Tax Very good intuitive visualisations!
Wolfram Research: FINANCE & ECONOMICS Mathematica: Financial Data Very Powerful
The Pew Center on the (US) States The Pew Center: Compare States Interactive, very good!
Infographics Depot of Information Graphics – Visualizing Economics Infographics Depot of Information Graphics – Category Archives: Economics Infographics
AI & Social Science: Two Middle East politics visualizations AI & Social Science – Brendan O’ConnorCognition, systems, decisions, visualization, machine learning
Animated Visualization of The Crisis of Credit Jonathan Jarvis: Great Video!
signal fire: Archive for the ‘Data Visualization’ Category Provisions Learning Project is a social change learning resource
InvestigateMoney in [US] State Politics
prefusevisualization toolkit prefusevisualization gallery
IdeaMapping Blog IdeaMapping (old blog)
Diagrams:everything is connected to everything else
TheBrain Visualn Information Management Commercial Site
Visual:factors of the climate change Listof Indicators stamenblog
AXIS- open source data visualization AXIS- visualization examples Downloadaxis
Flotis a pure Javascript plotting library for jQuery jQueryis a fast & concise JavaScript Library
OpenEarth OpenEarthtutorials
PalantirFinance PalantirFinance Applications
DesigningTheNews- data visualisation Visualisations& infographics
Faviki:Data visualization Faviki:Gross Domestic Product (category)
BlogMarks:Economics BlogMarks:Data Visualisation
HansRosling: Myths about the developing world Prof.Dr. Hans Rosling – A Fact Based World View SeeGapmider WORLD as well
Gnolia:Fredrik Matheson’s Bookmarks Tagged visualization Gnolia
RGE:Visualizing Industry Job Losses HansRosling – Der Regisseur der Zahlen
Sketchflow:Understanding Reality One Sketch at a Time SeeingFinance: Finance, Credit Cards, Industry Reports, Tax Very good intuitive visualisations!
WolframResearch: FINANCE & ECONOMICS Mathematica:Financial Data Very Powerful
ThePew Center on the (US) States ThePew Center: Compare States Interactive, very good!
InfographicsDepot of Information Graphics – Visualizing Economics InfographicsDepot of Information Graphics – Category Archives: EconomicsInfographics
AI& Social Science: Two Middle East politics visualizations AI& Social Science – Brendan O’ConnorCognition,systems, decisions, visualization, machine learning
AnimatedVisualization of The Crisis of Credit JonathanJarvis: Great Video!
signalfire: Archive for the ‘Data Visualization’ Category ProvisionsLearning Project is a social change learning resource
7 things you should know about Data Visualization César A Hidalgo: Thinking outside the cube Introductions to using visualisation
Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view Gapminder: Downloads See Rosling above as well!
7things you should know about Data Visualization CésarA Hidalgo: Thinking outside the cube Introductions to using visualisation
Gapminder:Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view Gapminder:Downloads SeeRosling above as well!
Centerfor American Progress: Interactive Map: A New Progressive America Centerfor American Progress: Interactive Graphic: Title I EducationSpending
The WorldIs My Interface
InteractiveMultimedia Technology Digitalstorytelling, multimodal writing & multiliteracies
TheDecline:The Geography of a Recession TheGeography of a Recession by LaToya Egwuekwe
Bruce B. Janz, UCF: Aesthetics and Visual Culture This set of resources supports research and courses in visual culture, as well as the more specific philosophical study of aesthetics.
RENCIvisualization & collaborative environments RENCIPublications
YouTubeInteractive Multimedia Playlist
UsableMarkets- markets, design, usability, research UsableMarkets:Taxing infographics
InnovativeInteractivity: … for multimedia enthusiasts InnovativeInteractivity: Multimedia Journalism
InteractiveKiosk News DigitalSignage
Nathan:Experience Design Resources Articles/Publications
Human-InformationInteraction, Usability, User Interface Design Patterns, Mobile WebDesign- Random Links
InteractionDesign (IxD) (defines structure & behavior of interactiveproducts & services InteractionDesign (IxD) in Education
AdaptivePath – user experience design
Universityof Wisconsin, Madison: Visual Culture
GeorgetownUniversity Introducing Visual Culture
BruceB. Janz, UCF: Aesthetics & Visual Culture This set of resources supports research & courses in visualculture, as well as the more specific philosophical study ofaesthetics.
Journal ofVisual Culture Aboutthe Journal of Visual Culture
GoogleBooks: Example of Visualisation
EirikSolheim: One year in 40 seconds (Vimeo) More QuickMotion movies by Eirik Solheim
Oberholtzer:Visual Culture TheEvolution of Charlotte in Stop Motion
RobCarter on Vimeo
Geographicallybased Economic data (G-Econ) G-Econ:Pixeled Contour Globe
Google:World Bank Data Google:Adding Search Power to Public Data
VisualizingConsolidation in the Global Seed Industry: 1996-2008 InformationGraphics – Seed Industry Structure
VisualizingThe Last Three Bonus Seasons Zerohedge:Terms in Tags
America’sSea of Red Ink Was Years in the Making,a project of Mercatus Center,George Mason University & TheProductioneers, LLC Thefinancial & economic crisis & a general concern for thefuture that comes with being a new dad, sparked an intenseinterest in economics & the business cycle
TED -Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world Iqbal_Quadir:mobiles_fight_poverty
PublicDebt Blog: Big Debt Pics PublicDebt Blog: Data Bases
GeneGenealogy of the World’s Peoples or Races
TheGenographic Project NationalGeographic: Genetics Overview
TheBeer Mapping Project: US Brewery Maps The BeerMapping Project
TheDeath Penalty in Black & White: Who Lives, Who Dies, WhoDecides
InfographicsMagazine – Symbols, Diagrams, Timelines, Maps, Illustration,Charts & Graphics InfographicsMagazine – Economy Impressive! Must see!
TableauPublic Brings Your Boring Data to Life
HandyTools & Tips for E-Commerce Websites
SocialExplorer: Interactive Census Data Tool – 2000 Census
pta7:Infographics & Data Visualization
computationaldesign sandbox computationaldesign sandbox: Projects
VisibleCertainty Spring 2008/9 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee SARUPChris Cornelius, Assistant Professor
50great examples of infographics FrancescoMugnai: Infographics category HatTip visible certainties
BenFry: All Streets Ben Fry- Data Visualisation Blog – GENETICS HatTip visible certainties
Art FromCode ArtFrom Code – Simulation HatTip visible certainties
Catalogtree,Rotterdam: Index Catalogtree,Rotterdam: Infographics HatTip visible certainties
CelestialMechanics – planetarium-based artwork visualizing the statistics,data, & protocols of manmade aerial technologies CelestialMechanics – Media Page – Video Clips HatTip visible certainties
CHART PORN -data visualizations you just gotta love CHARTPORN – Global Economy HatTip visible certainties
ClourLovers Color Tools, Apps & Software Hat Tip visible certainties
The Site of Leonardo Solaas The Site of Leonardo Solaas – Projects
Aaron Koblin Design|Media Arts, UCLA Flight Patterns visualizations: Air traffic as seen by the FAA Hat Tip visible certainties The Interaction Trick Download(Linux Version)
FlinkLabs: Beyond the Bar Chart FlinkLabs: Ebb and Flow of Melbourne Trains
climatedata: Data Visualization & Climate Reality
Jer Thorp: Source Code & Tutorials Jer Thorp: Works Available
Big Brothers – Satellites Orbiting Earth New Infographic Visualizes the Space Debris Cloud Surrounding Earth
Michael Paukner: Michael Paukner: Flickr Fotostream
BUILD LLC – Blog (Architecture Build LLC – Special Projects Division
Somethink Fun Great Moments in Sports: Cassius Clay
Michael DEAL INFORMATION GRAPHICS Charting the Beatles: Exploration of Beatles Music through Infographics
The Daily What – Infosthetics The Daily What – Archive
Instructional Designer IDT: Design Cultures Instructional Designer IDT: WEB RESOURCES Self-service Analytics& Reporting On-Demand Solutions: Improve Insight & Optimize Performance Across Your Business See, understand & share numbers Tour – Create Custom Charts
The Showreel Archive – Daily Inspiration The Showreel Archive – Archive
Bruce Robbins: Photography Matters Bruce Robbins: Photography Matters – PM Tutorials
digital urban: modelling, visualising & communicating urban environments digital urban: Tutorials
urbantick: Cycle Studies urbantick: Category “GPS tracks”
Geographie 2.0 on Google Data Visualisation Geographie 2.0 (French)
Jeff Thurston: A Spatially Related Blog 3D Processing & Visualization: Design by Standardization
GoogleMaps Mania: unofficial Google Maps blog tracking websites, mashups & tools being influenced by Google Maps. GoogleMaps Mania: Read This First!.
David Johnson’s Blog – Data Visualisation etc. David Johnson’s Blog – About/Curiosities
Andrew Trench: Daily Dispatch – Some Graphics Andrew Trench: South Africa Media Coverage Visualisation
Tulip Open Source Visualisation Software Tulip Graph Visualization Software
VIZWORLD – Graphics & Visualization Community VIZWORLD – Graphics & Visualization Community – Science
SignOff – Visualisations Several Visualisation Tools
Serena Prototype Composer Serena Prototype Downloads
Oracle AppsLab – think-tank to drive adoption of new web patterns & technologies Oracle AppsLab – Too Much Information Makes People Something Something
UDAV – Application for data visualization based on MathGL / design, visualization, products, photography, art, music / visualization resources (Japanese)
Beth Ruyle & Craig Hullinger planning & development Planning Maps created by Craig Hullinger & Delbert Skimerhorn
Peter Lee (partikelman): Information Visualization
WORDPRESS Tutorials: Wonderful World of Geo-Location Step-By-Step Tutorial Videos – How To Dominate WordPress
The NewSecurity Beat – scarcity problems Resource Conflicts
Max 3D Models …3D Max Models Max 3D Models The Best Resource website forMaya,3ds max, C4d, Lightwave3d, XSI, plugins, tutorials, textures, 3d models & much more!
well-formed.eigenfactor:Visualizing information flow in science well-formed.eigenfactor:overview of the whole citation network HatTip visible certainties
HIRAKAWANorimichi – HIRAKAWANorimichi – Index HatTip visible certainties
DubberlyDesign Office – Articles DubberlyDesign Office – Concept Maps HatTip visible certainties
RandyKRUM: Cool Infographics RandyKRUM: Cool Infographics Bookstore HatTip visible certainties
DataMining: Text Mining, Visualization & Social Media DataMining: Mapping The Blogosphere HatTip visible certainties
DataViz DataViz HatTip visible certainties
MoMA- Museum of Modern Art – Design & The Elastic mind Museumof Modern Art – MoMA Multimedia (audio, video, & interactives) HatTip visible certainties
DocuBurst:Visualizing Document Content using Language Structure DocuBurst:Research Statement HatTip visible certainties
dreamlines Dreamlines… non-linear, interactive visual experience. Word(s) definingthe subject of a dream … are looked up in the Web … input togenerate an ambiguous painting, … in a process analogous tomemory & free association. HatTip visible certainties
FelixHeinen – Branding, Print, Interactive, Illustration, Packaging,Advertising, Concept FelixHeinen – Interactive HatTip visible certainties
RobertHodgin – Flight404 RobertHodgin – Flight404 – Vimeo Video Page HatTip visible certainties
UnitedStates’ National Air Traffic Controllers Association FlightExplorer – United States HatTip visible certainties
AaronKoblin Design|Media Arts, UCLA FlightPatterns visualizations: Air traffic as seen by the FAA HatTip visible certainties
Susken-Rosenthal:Football Drawings SuskenRosenthal: Football Drawings HatTip visible certainties
GOODTransparencies Archive – Thumbnails GOODTransparencies Archive – Detail HatTip visible certainties
GraffitiArchaeology GraffitiArchaeology: Links- Graffiti Resources etc. HatTip visible certainties
iGraphicsexplained – A wide angled view of the visual world iGraphicsexplained – Data Visualisation & Quantitative Easing HatTip visible certainties
InfoDesign Patterns InfoDesign Patterns – Pattern Overview HatTip visible certainties
InformationDesign Watch LisaAgustin: Hiding Text in PowerPoint HatTip visible certainties
TheInformationVisualizationCommunity Platform TheInformationVisualizationCommunity Platform – Site Map HatTip visible certainties
Tim KLIMOWICZ- Graphic Designer Iraq War2003 – Interactive Graphic Battle Theaters HatTip visible certainties
ITO -online presentation, analysis & data management services tothe transport sector ITO- Gallery itoworld.comVimeo videos unified resource space for anyone interested in thevisualization of complex networks Visualizationfor Skeptics: UK Met Office data for more than 1,000 weatherstations HatTip visible certainties
JimBumgardner – KrazyDad: Data-Visualization Expert JimBumgardner – KrazyDad: Flash Bestiary HatTip visible certainties
Adobe®Kuler™ – web-hosted application for generating color themes Adobe®Kuler™ – General Discussion HatTip visible certainties
JakeGarn: The Lazy Rule of Thirds JakeGarn: Photography (Gallery) HatTip visible certainties
MoritzStefaner: Content Landscape MoritzStefaner: information aesthetics, interactive visualization
DiscoverMagazine: Map Welcome to the Blogosphere DiscoverData: Wasting Away on Standby Search for “Discover Data”
LatestendeavourBlog: Cloudworks Analysis LatestendeavourBlog: Cloudworks Analysis HatTip visible certainties
InstructionalDesigner IDT: Design Cultures InstructionalDesigner IDT: WEB RESOURCES
LiDARMapping Forum
PSFKGlobal Community – Many Visualisations PSFKWeb & Technology
UDAV- Application for data visualization based on MathGL UbuntuGeek- Search for Visual Applications,3D tech news: 3D programming & gamedev, OpenGL, Direct3D,PhysX, CUDA & OpenCL, news related to graphics industry Levels Debugging with a DDS Debug Texture Modeling
InstantShift:Tools, Icons, Showcases, Fonts, CSS, Tutorials InstantShift:50+ Free Resources for Charts & Graphs Solution Great overviews!
FancyStats:Finance Statistics Visualizations FancyStats:Relationships Visualizations Very nice visuals!
VALab- Visual Arts Lab VisualArts Lab – Research Notes
UKArchitectural Association – School of Architecture UKArchitectural Association/School of Architecture – Lecture Videos
VisualEditors Foundation: The classroom for visual journalism VisualEditors Foundation: Websites
TheVisual Studio Blog: “The official source of IDE, MSBuild &Extensibility information from the Visual Studio Platform Team” VisualStudio Editor Blog (old site)
VISUALSTUDIES (Universityof Houston)
Flowtown- “high quality web applications that have personality” Flowtown- How To
Intute:Visual Arts – free access to high quality resources on theInternet Intute:Communication & Media Studies
GoogleGadgets: Motion Chart Google:Working with Data Google:Gadget List Dictionary of Topics Visualisierungsteam Schroeder + Schmidt (German)
ScottCate: Visual Studio Tricks ScottCate: Technology Posts
World Bank – Data Visualizer WORLD BANK blog – data visualization
Google:Data visualizations for a changing world Google:World Development Indicators (subset)
iAInformation Architects (Japan): “iA built some of the biggestweb sites in Europe” iAInformation Architects (Japan): Web Trend Map
OpenZoom …promotes/supports the use of high-resolution images & ZoomableUser Interfaces (ZUIs) OpenZoom:iA WebTrendMap4”Web Trend Map community curates meaningful link trends bychoosing sources they trust” in China
Spezify SearchEngine: Visual Search Spezifysearch engine: “Visualisation”
Daytum: “COLLECT& EXPLORE YOUR DATATO REVEAL THE BIGGER PICTURE” Daytum:”collect & communicate the most important statistics inyour life”
POWERSET -specialised Wikipedia search POWERSET- specialised Wikipedia search
pChart- a PHP class to build charts pChart- Add-ons like color schemes & third party scripts
EngineeringStatistics Handbook: Graphical Techniques: Alphabetic StarPlot
Wikipedia:Category:Statistical charts & diagrams
UnderstandingHistograms (In Photography) LuminousLandscape – Download Video Tutorials
HistogramBin-width Optimization HIDEAKISHIMAZAKI, Ph.D.
Interactivate:Histogram Interactivate:Interactivate is a set of free, online courseware for explorationin science & mathematics Very helpful!
ComputationalScience Education Reference Desk (CSERD) Modeling& Simulation Tools for Education Reform
Q&Awith Infographics Whiz David McCandless
CommunityIndicators – Enhancing the art & science of communityindicators & building a network of interested people
JCCI:Jacksonville Community Council Inc.- Indicators JCCI:Jacksonville Community Council Inc.- Community Snapshot
AI3:AdaptiveInformation, Adaptive Innovation, Adaptive Infrastructure AI3:Category Adaptive Information
KnightNews Challenge – “innovative ideas that develop platforms,tools & services to inform & transform community news,conversations & information distribution & visualization” KnightNews Challenge – Winners KnightNews Challenge – Applications
ZitgistDataViewer ZitgistzLinks client-side service
CodeBubblesRethinking the User Interface Paradigm of IntegratedDevelopment Environments
ManyEyes Visualizations ManyEyes Create a visualization in 3 easy steps
BRL: BrailleThrough Remote Learning BRL:Braille Through Remote Learning – Braille Transcribers Course
TheMathWorks- Matlab 3-D Visualization TheMathWorks- Matlab Data Analysis
GIS Lounge -Geographic Information Systems GISLounge – Geographic Information Systems – Link Directory
MATLAB- Google Books
VisualizationTools for Sustainability
TIBCOBusiness Intelligence (BI), Data visualization, Enterpriseanalytics, Decision Analysis TIBCOSpotfire Webstore
TheGrowing Complexity of the U.S. Federal Tax Code
WeFeel Fine: An exploration of human emotion, in six movements WeFeel Fine: Applet -curve fit & surface fit your 2D & 3D data online
KidsZone – Create A Graph KidsZone – Create A Graph Tutorial
50Great Examples of Data Visualization CameronChapman (Author)
JonathanHarris JonathanHarris Sputnik Observatory 2009
Sep Kamvar -consulting professor of Computational Mathematics at StanfordUniversity SepKamvar – “Through large scale blog analysis, Lovelinesilluminates the topography of the emotional landscape between loveand hate, as experienced by countless normal humans keepingpersonal online journals”
Regular and Semi-Regular Tessellations in Paper
FastCompany:data visualization Clavilux2000 Turns Any Keyboard Performance Into an Infographic
MicrosoftSQL Server: Spatial Data SQLServer Developer Center – SQL Server Spatial
JonasFriedemann Heuer: Clavilux 2000 – Clavilux 2000An interactiveinstrument for generative music visualization done with vvvv
vvvv: a multipurpose toolkit for real time video synthesis vvvv: real time video synthesis – Documentation
jQueryVisualize Plugin: Accessible Charts & Graphs from TableElements using HTML 5 Canvas filamentgroup: UI and application design etc. HatTip
Highchartscharting library – easy way of adding interactive charts toyour web site or web application Highchartscharting library – How To Use HatTip
jQuerySparklines – small inline charts jQuerySparklines – Documentation HatTip
jqPlot – AVersatile and Expandable jQuery Plotting Plugin jqPlot- Usage Documentation HatTip
Hilario blogdedicated to Technology, Web Development and Design Rulesto design and to provide a compelling message for your landingpage – WebDesign Web Design Blog The creators of DocType
Highslide JSis an open source image, media and gallery viewer HighslideJS Highslide Editor – Create your Highslide gallery or HTML popupswithout coding
SecViz – SecurityVisualization Aday of IDS (Snort) event data Hat blog
AfterGlow- a collection of scripts to facilitate the process of generatinggraphs AfterGlow- Manual HatTip blog
GoogleWave – collaboration & data sharing tool Introducingthe Google Wave Extensions Gallery – see the maps function HatTip ReadWriteWeb
TwitterThoughts- Twitter Activity Worldmap (last 24 hrs)
GoogleChart Tools OtherGoogle Chart Tools
ReadWriteWeb:The Best Tools for Visualization -“America’s #1 online personal finance service” Visual Chart: The Best Cities for Working Mothers -Blogs
Widgenie: “aneasy way to build and share widgenies. Bring more value to yourblogs, social networks and web sites through easy spread of visualinformation” Widgenie:Tutorials – Application Overview HatTip ReadWriteWeb
Nicholas Felton- thinking about data, charts and our daily routines Felton- Example: 2005 Annual Report
Peter Witham- UiBuzz Visual Design UiBuzzTips & Tutorials
EBIInterfaces – A forum for discussing Usability, Aesthetics andVisualization EBIInterfaces – ‘Visualization’ Category
DiscoverMagazine:Galleries / Beautifully Detailed SupercomputerSimulations DiscoverMagazine:Physics & Maths Articles
BBC- SuperPower: Visualising the internet BBC:Country Profiles – guide to history, politics and economicbackground of countries and territories
CreativeDocs .NET, vector-based graphic design tool for rich text,… illustrations, schemas, plans, flow charts etc. CreativeDocs.NETTools and Properties
GpuCV:GPU-accelerated Computer Vision GpuCV:Documentation – Quick Start
Databaseof Virtual Art Databaseof Virtual Art – News
GraphicalLego Interface – Visual Programming GraphicalLego Interface – Falk Gaertner – Video Documentation
BibliOdyssey- The Visual Context of Music
Installation- Virtual Constructs in Real Space Installation- Virtual Constructs in Real Space – Introductory Video
IO2Technology – Heliodisplay. life-size people projections in mid-air IO2Technology – Heliodisplay. Specifications
NationalInstitute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan):Three Dimensional Images in the Air NationalInstitute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan):Homepage
ARTNATOMY- Anatomical Basis of Facial Expression Learning Tool ARTNATOMY- Anatomical Basis of Facial Expression Learning Tool -Application Magnificent, goof for Autistics!
TheKinematic Models for Design Digital Library (KMODDL) TheKinematic Models for Design Digital Library (KMODDL) – InteractiveSimulation
FXPalo Alto Laboratory, Inc. (FXPAL) multimedia research laboratory- Interactive Media FX PaloAlto Laboratory, Inc. (FXPAL) multimedia research laboratory -Multimedia Access and Visualization
MichaelBach: 86 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena MichaelBach: 39 Optische Täuschungen & Sehphänomene
Tess:origami tessellation software PaperMosaics: Origami tessellations
Regularand Semi-Regular Tessellations in Paper
SpidronSystem – a planar figure consisting of two alternating sequencesof isosceles triangles SpidronSystem – General Concept
ReactiveCube GrahamPlumb – Projects
Instrument: Web design, Data Visualisation
Data Visualisation Developments Russia Anyone to translate?
AIR:Area’s Immediate Reading
BBC:White Spectrum – Emotion Visualisation
datavisualization project for Google Instrument:Web design, Data Visualisation
weaintplastic:Visualising Meteorological Data
Tecplotfor CFD, Numerical Visualization CompMechLabANSYS/LS-DYNA AVI-Gallery More than 150 animations
Visualizationof large tree structures
OFFF2008: Data Visualization Panel. Aaron Koblin, Manuel Lima, JoseLuis de Vicente and Santiago Ortiz DataVisualization panel at OFFF, Lisbon
uimodeling:User Interface Modeling Структурные схемы страниц (wireframes)
Milestonesin the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphics, &Data Visualization, illustrated chronology of innovations byMichael Friendly and Daniel J. Denis NEWSITE: Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography,Statistical Graphics, & Data Visualization, illustratedchronology of innovations by Michael Friendly and Daniel J. Denis A MUST see!
BookReview – Data Flow 2: Visualizing Information in Graphic Design
P.J.Onori: code, design & ideas projects Gestureicons, naturally named Gesturecons P.J.Onori’s videos
Quantcast:Everyone – Research millions of web properties based ondemographic, geographic or affinity criteria. AudienceMeasurement for a Real-Time World: Quantcast Goes Global withLocal Audience Insights
GapaNews: Presentations, Documents (GERMAN) GapaNews: Markus Gaertner
CREATESoftware – UCSB Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology(CREATE) JoAnnKuchera-Morin: Composer – Allosphere and its 3D immersive theatermaps complex data in time and space Dr.JoAnn Kuchera-Morin
AllosphereResearch Facility: “Visualizing, hearing and exploringcomplex multi-dimensional data” AllosphereResearch Facility: Facilities CREATESoftware
Demo:Stunning data visualization in the AlloSphere Mappingterrain in space and time: Exclusive interview with JoAnnKuchera-Morin of the AlloSphere
TED:Themes Numbers at Play
InformationVisualisation: The World of Music BiomedicalVisualisation
Wikipedia:”Information graphics or infographics are visualrepresentations of information, data or knowledge” Wikipedia:Scientific visualization
Wikipedia:”Data visualization is the study of the visual representationof data” Wikipedia:”Statistical graphics, … information graphics in the fieldof statistics used to visualize quantitative data”
Wikipedia:”Mathematical visualization, an aspect of geometry tounderstand and explore mathematical phenomena via visualization” Wikipedia:List of information graphics software
WilsonMiner: Accessible Data Visualization with Web Standards
Wikipedia:”Geovisualization, (Geographic Visualization) … set oftools and techniques for geospatial data analysis through the useof interactive visualization” Wikipedia:”Animated mapping … add a temporal component to a mapdisplaying change in some dimension”
Wikipedia:”Information visualization … the visual representation oflarge-scale collections of non-numerical information” Wikipedia:”Diagram … two-dimensional geometric symbolicrepresentation of information according to somevisualization technique”
Chaomei Chen’s Homepage – Information Visualization Resources Chaomei Chen’s Gallery – Information Visualization, Network Visualization, Bibliographic Networks, Co-citation Networks, Pathfinder Networks, Minimum Spanning Trees Hat Tip Partikelman
ChaomeiChen’s Homepage – Information Visualization Resources ChaomeiChen’s Gallery – Information Visualization, NetworkVisualization, Bibliographic Networks, Co-citation Networks,Pathfinder Networks, Minimum Spanning Trees HatTip Partikelman
ParsonsJournal for Information Mapping (PJIM) ParsonsJournal for Information Mapping (PJIM) – Issues HatTip Partikelman
PalgraveMacmillan:”Information Visualization: central forum for all aspects ofinformation visualization and its applications” PalgraveMacmillan:Information Visualization – ARCHIVE BY ISSUE HatTip Chaomei Chen
Places &Spaces: Mapping Science Places& Spaces: Mapping Science – Browse Maps HatTip Chaomei Chen
Whatdo Filipinos think? Visualizing the Philippine election scene Part1
VisualizingNetworks in JavaScript – social network of all the Canadianfederal ministers
FutureCinema Lab (FCL), Faculty of Fine Arts, York University e-flux,international network reaching more than 50,000 visual artprofessionals on a daily basis
Wall Street Journal: Interactive Graphics Very good collection!
Bon appétit exhibition, Paris science museum: How to feed the world ? Hat Tip infosthetics
PLEIX NET – Films (Quicktime) Hat Tip infosthetics
MAFF- Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan):Ensuring the Future of Food Groovisionscreates funky ag ministry video HatTip infosthetics
JonathanJARVIS: The Crisis of Credit Visualized JonathanJarvis HatTip infosthetics
AREVA:nuclear energy technology movie AREVA:Unprecedented campaigns (Advertising) HatTip infosthetics
infographicalmusic video RÖYKSOPP(band) HatTip infosthetics
AngusFraser, Sydney’s visualisation Bookmarks AngusFraser, Sydney’s illusion Bookmarks HatTip infosthetics
Semiconductormake moving image works which reveal our physical world in flux infreemation:Awesome Magnetic Visualization mocoloco.comDesign HatTip infosthetics
explorestatistics through an experimental [tangible] interface ExperimentelleInterfaces WS 06 HatTip infosthetics
MITTangible Query Interfaces Token+ConstraintSystems for Tangible Interaction with Digital Information (PDF) HatTip infosthetics
BumpTop™is a fun, intuitive 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makesyou more productive Pushingthe Desktop Metaphorwith Physics, Piles and the Pen (PDF) HatTip infosthetics
Mentegrafica:A blog on Information Visualization, User Experience, Mobile andRIAs Mentegrafica:Physical infovis HatTip infosthetics
MintMap: Resource Consumption by Country MintMap: The World’s Resources by Country
Mint:A Visual Guide to the Federal Reserve
ClustrMaps!- Locate all site visitors ClustrMaps- Hit counter map widgets for web sites
CultureNetworks 2010 TimSTOCK/scenariodna: Presentations
Panopticoninformation visualization software – “helps organizationsmake timely, insightful and informed business decisions based oncomplex, fast-changing datasets” Panopticon- Demo Gallery, e.g. Portfolio Risk, FX Rates Performance, EquityCorrelation etc. Mind-blowing visualisations!
Stat.Graphics & Data Visualization: “Statistical Graphics,Data Visualization, Data Analysis, User Interfaces and related” StatisticalGraphics and more: “Statistical Graphics, Data Visualization,Visual Analytics, Data Analysis, Data Mining, User Interfaces” New and old blog! Excel 2007: Formatting Data (Course Example) Resources
PyramidPerversion – Warning against “chart junk” perception – learn the fundamentals first
Antaeus – atool for data visualization Antaeusinstalls and runs on Windows 7, Vista, and XP- Download site HatTipBest Freeware Blog
AcrisDesign:42 Photoshop Tutorials Created in 2010 AcrisDesign:Resources List HatTipdim2w
InteractiveData Visualization by Ryan Goodman InteractiveData Visualization by Ryan Goodman – Links Training etc.
ORACLERich Enterprise Applications ORACLE::ADF Data Visualizations – Graph Interactivity HatTipSiebel Essentials
Vectortuts+- a blog of tutorials, articles, freebies and more on all thingsvector Vectortuts+- Articles HatTipSeth’s Sources
PeteSearch:How to split up the US (Facebook) PeteSearch:Animate your social graph with SoNIA HatTipWilliam F. Garrity
Facebookprofiles for countries, states and cities FacebookFan Page Analytics FromPeteSearch
ORACLE:Graph and Gauge Dynamic Resize Demo ORACLE:ADF FacesRich Client HatTipSiebel Essentials


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    Sacramento is the capital city of the U.S. state of California, and the county seat of Sacramento County. It is located at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River in the northern portion of California’s expansive Central Valley. With a 2009 estimated population of 489,676, it is the sixth-largest city in California.[1] Sacramento is the core cultural and economic center of the Sacramento metropolitan area which includes seven counties; with an estimated population of 2,927,123.[2] Its metropolitan area is the fourth largest in California after the Greater Los Angeles Area, San Francisco Bay Area, and the San Diego metropolitan area as well as the 25th largest in the United States. A city attaining global status, Sacramento was cited by Time magazine as America’s most ethnically and racially integrated city in 2002

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    Anybody know of a great program that can animate graphs??? Its so hard to find a good one

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    Comprehensive and thorough-thanks for sharing it! The playing field in BI is becoming almost as complex as the data analyzed which is why a resource like this is so valuable. If you are in the financial services sector, I encourage you to check

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    Thanks for compiling all of these resources.. very useful. There is much need for good work in visual design and data visualization..

  19. 2010-03-21 at 15:42

    This is a great compilation. The World bank Data Visulaizer is the same as GapMinder. Isnt it?

    • 2010-03-21 at 15:54

      Indeed, Kapil, Hans Rosling’s son got a job as a developer at Google’s after Google discovered the Gapminder software which was written by Rosling junior and that landed him a job with Google instantly. I believe the arrangement is that Google bought the software outright and Gapminder, a charity, has “lifelong” rights to it for free.

    • 2010-03-12 at 06:46

      Many thanks, Raffy, will update my database and publish in due course!

  20. 2010-03-10 at 07:22

    Thank you for doing this and thank you for finding my blog!
    Here’s a few more links:

  21. Ossama Hamed
    2010-03-09 at 15:32

    I have the pleasure to brief on our Data Visualization software “Trend Compass”.

    TC is a new concept in viewing statistics and trends in an animated way by displaying 5 axis (X, Y, Time, Bubble size & Bubble color) instead of just the traditional X and Y axis. It could be used in analysis, research, presentation etc. In the banking sector, we have Deutsche Bank New York as our client.

    Link on Chile’s Earthquake (27/02/2010):

    This a link on weather data :

    This is a bank link to compare Deposits, Withdrawals and numbers of Customers for different branches over time ( all in 1 Chart) :

    Misc Examples :

    This is a project we did with Princeton University on US unemployment :

    A 3 minutes video presentation of above by Professor Alan Krueger Bendheim Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University and currently Chief Economist at the US Treasury using Trend Compass :

    Latest financial links on the Central Bank of Egypt:

    I hope you could evaluate it and give me your comments. So many ideas are there.

    You can download a trial version. It has a feature to export EXE,PPS,HTML and AVI files. The most impressive is the AVI since you can record Audio/Video for the charts you create.

    All the best.

  22. 2010-03-08 at 23:24

    Some serious visualization material! Inspirational!
    Eyes wide open! Keep tracking!
    Cheers and read you soon

  23. 2010-03-05 at 15:58

    Microsoft has this new software pivot which is again for data visualization on the web ….Would that also qualify to be included in the list above?

    • 2010-03-05 at 16:31

      Thanks for notifying. Indeed, anything that will enhance the experience of data would qualify – rather err on the volumous side so to speak, who knows what users might be looking for?

  24. 2010-03-04 at 12:25

    Gapminder is really amazing…

    • 2010-03-04 at 12:29

      Thanks for commenting, Universalgeni. Indeed, and I believe, if graphical (in more than one sense) methods had been used more in education and the media, even the Fed might have understood a bubble, but, if nothing else, a few homeowners might have realised they were buying when the market was overheated and have thought twice about it.

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