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CrisisMaven’s Blog News 2010-02-12: List of Data Visualisation Sources

The promised List of Data Visualisation Sources is now online.

>>>> Check it out here! <<<<

Other sorted lists by subject will follow in due course.

Our Reference List now has over 400 data sources listed (and counting); most are meta lists totalling hundreds of thousands of economic indicators, time series, historical data, addresses of central banks etc.

This list will be constantly revised and added to, so visit regularly! We strive to make this the authoritative source on the Internet and your “one stop shop” whether you are a researcher, a student, or looking for sources and data for your homework, assignments or a thesis or are just curious and interested in economics.

Please feel free to make suggestions there through comments, report broken links, omissions, errors or write us a “wish list”.


P.S.: In an upcoming post we will show by examples how to answer certain questions with this material such as “How much was the Dollar (or Euro, Deutschmark, Italian Lira, Swiss Franc, British Pound, French Franc, Spanish Peseta etc.)  worth at a certain date?”, “How did the money supply grow over the centuries?”, “What were the relative values of gold, silver, platinum or other commodities such as wheat, coal etc. through the ages?”, “What was the world population (or the population of Russia) back in, say, 1740?”, “How many banks existed in 1470 and where?” or “How many people worked in agriculture or industry back in 1800?” and so on. If you subscribe to this blog, you will be among the first to know …

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