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CrisisMaven’s Blog News 2010-03-07: Over 25,000 Webpage Views!

Yesterday around 16:37 GMT we passed the 25,000 threshold … – next report will probably be posted when we’re past the 50,000 mark.

Thanks to all avid readers: on 2010-03-18 at around 19:25 GMT we went past our first 20,000 views on our blog in about eight weeks since we began publishing! After that, progress slowed down a little as we did less commenting on other people’s blogs but concentrated even more on the contents of ours and esp. did more research the effects of which are not yet seen and thus cannot yet entice new visitors.

After hovering at just only 8 backlinks for months in Google where Yahoo reported always in the tens of thousands after only the first two weeks we surmised that we didn’t please Google’s Page ranking algorithm that sequestered us to the supplemental index.

We knew, that theoretically, with many sites linking in with impressive page ranks and still tens of thousands with low page ranks we should actually have gotten at least a PR of 3 if Google did us justice. We suspected that this was not happening because we didn’t sculpt our page after Google’s maxims, e.g. we have by design thousands of links leading away from our site (although that in itself “Will NOT Reduce The Google PageRank of Your Pages“), remember What’s wrong with Economics?, CrisisMaven’s Economics Study Guide, and esp. the Statistical Reference List or our Data Visualisation References plus we have many post that are multi-categorised which allegedly irritates Google’s bot as it sees it as multiple content if it follows each category link once and hits upon the same post several times thus.

This generally leads to the PR being diluted and/or the page completely dumped in the supplemental index which means you are not showing up in searches; however, since we have thousands of sites linking out but ten times more sites linking in that still should have resulted in a modest Page rank of, say, 2 or 3. Google may have mistaken us for a “link farm”, but it now seems to have tailored its algorithm once more as we are thus proud to announce

PR 4

and, if that is any guide, since Google still only seems to acknowledge less than one hundredth of our bona fide backlinks this could go higher by at least one PR in the near future.

Also our overall ranking in the pertinent search engines etc. isn’t all that bad, again with Google still lagging behind Yahoo, Bing and others.

Due to the geographic spread of our readership our Alexa search ranking doesn’t look bad either, and if ever you want to know “what the Internet knows about you” then try quantcast for example. Here are a few more helpful sites for bloggers:






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  1. 2010-04-09 at 18:16

    My congratulations too, and thanks for your link to mine.

  2. 2010-04-07 at 20:51

    CONGRATULATIONS and MANY THANKS for those “blog aids”!!! Your ‘catalogue mind’ is MOST admirable in my view.


  3. Rick Alexander
    2010-04-07 at 09:59

    Good stuff, Mr Maven!!

  1. 2010-04-07 at 13:48

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