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Update: Greenpeace measures Caesium 40 miles from Fukushima … CRIIRAD warns France …

… and hence in areas not yet evacuated though they should obviously have been.

Map of Radiation Measurements by Greenpeace team

See also: Call for further evacuation around Fukushima

Now, if nothing should happen, those within these areas and of course also further beyond, even in adjacent countries should consider preparing for the future by

Warnings in France esp. for pregnant women and children:
Independent French radiation commission warns Europe that health risk from Fukushima fallout “no longer negligible” — Says US west coast has 8-10 times more contamination

  1. steveo
    2011-04-13 at 22:52

    maven, I am in Hawaii, US

    Any idea how to buy “radiation grade” Prussian Blue, and what do you think of Prussian blue

    • 2011-04-13 at 23:34

      Hi steveo, hope this helps:
      “Prussian blue” is iron(III)-hexacyanoferrate(II) or Ferrocyanide, or ferric hexacyanoferrate(II).
      There is a German company which seems to be the only pharmaceutical supplier in the world who even, judging by German press reports, supplies the Japanese and US governments (the latter hoards a stash as a matter of course always – strange if these nuclear power stations are so ultra safe; but never mind).
      It’s called “Radiogardase”
      See also:
      Heyltex Corporation is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Radiogardase® (Prussian Blue insoluble capsules), the only FDA-approved drug to treat people who have been internally contaminated with radioactive cesium (Cs-137), which is manufactured by Heyl chem. pharm. Fabrik Berlin GmbH in Germany.
      Now, if you should not be able to get the pills, of which the manufacturer’s leaflet says one should take between 6 to 40 (!) capsules a day depending on Caesium exposure (it doesn’t help against Iodine) one could buy iron(III)-hexacyanoferrate(II) in any laboratory shop at e.g. “pro analysi” or “analytically pure” grade and then take reasonable amounts. One capsule contains half a gram active ingredient, i.e. 6 caps. are 3 grams, 40 are 20 grams. Mind: while practically insoluble, by certain chemical processes it can produce the lethal cyanic acid, so this is not an advice from my side but a statement of information given in good faith …

      • steveo
        2011-04-14 at 20:02

        Thanks Maven,
        I did find that same company yesterday and they provided me a pharmacy in California that will provide, but need prescription, I am going to ask my job provided “canned” health care provider to provide that prescription. 🙂 let you know how that turns out.

  2. 2011-04-13 at 11:20

    thank you very much for information

  1. 2011-04-13 at 04:42
  2. 2011-04-12 at 02:20

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